Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 10 Goofy + NEWS + Holiday Goals Check In

I didn’t have the best running week, I’ve been in a little of a slump.  My legs started to really feel the miles after I got above 25ish miles.  In training cycles past, I usually peaked in the late 20’s sometimes early 30’s but this training cycle I was trying to run more miles and more days per week.  I’m still increasing my mileage but I’m being a bit more careful, going slower and trying to listen to my legs.  I cut one run this week so my mileage was lower than it was supposed to be but I got in 3 solid runs, including an 18 miler on Sunday.  That’s right an 18 miler—Wowza!  My long run was actually pretty good this week.  The first 6 miles were great I was right at 11:20 min mile, the next 6 were actually faster they averaged closer to 11:00 min mile, the last 6 miles were brutal—I ended up walking a lot and just ran outta energy.  My overall average dropped to 12:45+, what I learned is I need more fuel (I only took 2 Gu’s) and I need to get my leggies used to long runs again.  29.5 miles this week, next week we're bumping it up.

While I might be suffering from a bit of marathon training burnout, I have other things to keep my mind occupied.  Namely, I will be starting a new job in another week.  I don’t like to talk about work much on this blog but I’ll just say this, I have really enjoyed my time in my current position but am super excited about the new opportunity!  On the day my new job became official Mr. Pi had these waiting at home for me, what a guy!

Needless to say, lots going on in my life these days.  Time to do a check in on my holiday goals.

1. Month November and December 100-mile months.  November clocked in at: 119.5-so far so good.

2.  Start my memory quilt. I have cut all my shirts—making progress.

3. Finish holiday shopping by Dec 1—miserable fail, I’m nowhere close to being done.

4.  Run to see Christmas lights.  Well, I haven’t run to the street near my house but I did do the Holiday Lights Run—I’d say that counts.  I’m still waiting for pictures so I can write a race report.

5.  Finish my swim goal for the year.  Um, probably not going to happen.  I miss the pool a ton but haven’t been able to get back into it.

6.  No gaining weight. So far so good.

7.  Get up early one day a week.  Miserable fail here too! The dark, cold and rain SUCK.
8.  Read two books.  Well, I have our next book club book hopefully I can finish before January 1.

9.  Strength training—another fail.  Boo!

10.  No holiday tunes until the week of thanksgiving.  Totally made it!

Member how I said I’d have TWO giveaways coming.  One will be this week and one next week—stayed tuned.  I’ve already written them up and they sitting in blogspot waiting to be published.