Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Arctic Ease Review + Giveaway

I was contacted by Arctic Ease to test out their cold compress wrap.

What Arctic Ease says:
"Arctic Ease wraps and pads are an incredibly simple but effective alternative to traditional cold therapy. They absorb heat energy from the body to cool the covered area. The absorbed heat is then lost to evaporation, which allows for hours of targeted cold therapy. Arctic Ease is ready to use right out of the package -- no refrigeration is necessary. And mobility isn't limited since Arctic Ease conforms to the affected area without the need for clips or tape. Arctic Ease is reusable, odorless and environmentally friendly."

My thoughts.
After 16 miles

After 18 miles

Overall rating: A

I’m a fan of icing, ice buckets, ice baths.  One thing I really liked about this product is that it’s not as cold as ice. (Anyone else want to break out into Foreigner tunes?)  While I do love ice, I hate that shocking feeling you get when you put on something or submerge yourself in it.  I was surprised that Arctic Ease quoted a research study about this very issue. 

Research says, “The optimal temperature for effective cold therapy is above 59° F (15°C).*  When skin temperatures go below that, tissue damage such as frost nip and frost bite can occur - it's one of the biggest risks associated with traditional ice therapy. And it's why you have to put ice on, then take it off - over and over again. Arctic Ease eliminates this inconvenience, reduces the risk and discomfort associated with temperature extremes and makes it easier to get relief from pain and swelling so you can get back to doing what you want to do. *Lee, Pardun, Buntic, Kiehn, Brooks, Buncke, ORTHOPEDICS, “Severe Frostbite of the Knees After Cryotherapy”, January 2007;30(1):63.b Cheng, Thompson, Yakobi, Dermatology, “FROSTBITE”, Updated: May 13, 2009

Another thing I really liked about this product is that it is self sticking and adds a bit of compression while it is also icing.  It accomplishes two birds with one stone.  It’s also reusable!

Where can you get Arctic Ease? They list several of their retailers here: and look for them at your next marathon expo.

How much do they cost? I've seen them range from $8.99 - $11.99.  However, for one lucky reader it'll cost nothing!

Here’s how you enter the giveaway, please answer the following questions in one comment to this post, giveaway will close Wednesday 12/15 winner announced 12/16:

1.  Do you ice regularly?
2.  What is your most troubling ache?
3. Please go to their facebook page and “like” –then tell me you did in your comment.


  1. What a great product! I am constantly having to ice my body mainly different areas in my legs!

    FYI, love the CEP compression socks! They rawk!

  2. Great review! I don't ice that often, but when I do it's either my knee or ankle.

  3. My most troubling ache is actually my piriformis! Ugh!!

  4. I'm so glad I read this review!!
    I ice after EVERY long run! My IT bands usually both me and I'm a huge fan of icing. I've already looked up their website and I will definitely be purchasing one of their products and I did go to their facebook page and "like" them. :)

  5. Right now my worst ache is a swollen ankle, that hurts sometimes even when I walk. Need to see doctor. :-|.

  6. Sorry I just realized you said in ONE comment!

    I like them on FB.

  7. i ice my knees pretty regularly when i'm runing! hopefully i'll be back at it soon...

  8. Yay for you and those long runs! And lucky girl doing product reviews! I'd love to win - I've never tried it.

    1) I don't ice regularly. Bad. I need to get into the habit before IM training kicks in.
    2) My SI joint occasionally hates me, but I've been good for a while now! (knock on wood)
    3) Liked them on FB!

  9. I ice randomly. I think my most troublesome ache is my foot currently.

    I tired these in Chicago and I thought they were pretty messy and didn't like that they didn't even feel cool to me at all. It just felt kind of wet, but maybe I need to give them another try!

  10. I am a little behind on my blogs! I love this concept - I asked for ice knee sleeves for Christmas!

    1. Yes, I ice regularly. Have not braved the ice bath for a year now but always ice the knees after a long run (and most recently my foot.)

    2. Troubling ache requiring ice? Knees for sure. My back is a lost cause.

    3. I "liked" them!

  11. I have been wanting to try this! I do ice regularly-my right knee tends to bother me the most so it gets most of my attention. I liked Arctic Ease on FB.

  12. This is a cool and a great review...So perfect for a giveaway..

    --I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - mountain hardwear

  13. Boo to missing your giveaway. I am intrigued by this. Right now I use a gel-like cold pack and I strap it to my leg with an ace bandage. This looks much simpler.