Sunday, December 19, 2010

And it all falls apart... (arcticease winner at the bottom)

Well, it's not quite that dramatic but the recap of weeks 11 & 12 are kinda sad.

Week 11

Highlight-- I FINALLY got back in the pool (Thanks Amy).  Hooray! It's really the only form of exercise that no matter how long of a break I've had I always feel great when I'm done.  Note to self: Get in the pool MORE.

This was a busy week closing out things at my old job.  This meant long hours and rough nights of sleep---wondering did I do the right thing by taking the new job?  What about all the projects I'm not going to finish, etc?  Anyway, I managed to run three times for a total of 33 miles, not the 40 I had hoped for but as I mentioned in a post once I get above 33 my legs really slow down and I feel pretty worn down.  I did squeeze in my 20 miler after shopping for 5 hours the day before and before hosting a fun little holiday party at my casa.  

As for the close-out of the old job, Friday came and went, my last day of work came and went and it all went just fine.  Needless worrying and lost hours sleep were of course unnecessary.  Last day was a bit bittersweet but I know I made the right decision for my future career.

Week 12

Highlight---I survived!

I forgot how overwhelming and exhausting the first few days of a new can be.  I came home Monday and Tuesday absolutely drained.  I waited until Wednesday to run and ran from work in the cold, dark and drizzle.  Luckily, I was met with a pleasant surprise.  While my old job had a great running path through a forested area new work is really close to some spectacular Christmas lights and gigantic houses.  I even found a high school track about 1.5 miles away for future speedwork.  Success.

Sadly, that was the only running success of the week.  Thursday and Friday I was just too tired to do anything but lay on the couch.  Then, the worst of it struck.  Saturday morning I woke up feeling super nauseas and dizzy.  Oh no!  Oh no was right.  All I was able to keep down on Saturday was some sprite, water and a few bites of chicken noodle soup.  So much for my 15 miler on Saturday.  Since I was pretty sure the culprit of my ickyness was the veggie burger I had eaten on Friday night I had high hopes for Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke feeling less nauseas but pretty weak.  So, today was spent wrapping presents (which was more than I could do yesterday) and sleeping, at one point sleeping among the wrapping paper on the floor.  I'm hoping I'm feeling all better by tomorrow.

Total miles for week 12--5!  Yikes, it was supposed to be a stepback week but not quite that far back.  Here's hoping to a better Week 13!

For the ArtcicEase winner, sorry it took so long to announce.  Winner is:  RUNNINGLAUR (who I get to meet soon, hooray!)  Email me and I'll get your address so I can ship out your ease!