Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A year in Review

‘Tis the season for reflection.  So much happened in 2010, I’m not sure where to start. After reading back over what I’m publishing, parts of this post are going to be a bit melodramatic---if that’s not for you skip down to the fun photo recap at the end! 

A major lesson I learned this year is something I’ve heard a couple of other bloggers talk about recently, I learned that my success as a runner and a person shouldn’t always be measured by whether I achieved a stated goal, sometimes as cheesy as it sounds the greatest reward is in the journey.  For example, my 70.3.  Sure I finished, which was the goal and crossing the finish line was certainly special my success and greatest reward was the journey to the finish line.  Through my training I learned how strong I really am.  I deepened my friendships with some awesome people who trained alongside me when they could have been doing a million other things instead of climbing hills in granny gear or freezing in pond water when it was pouring.  Eventually I’d like a rematch with the 70.3—minus the alien water balloon please—but I’m really happy with my performance and the dedication it took from me (and my friends and family) to cross the finish line.

In terms of checking the boxes next to other goals I set for myself at the end of 2009, I fell short.  However, as I just mentioned, I might not be able to check boxes but I can certainly be proud of my accomplishments.  One thing I’m really proud of is inspiring another runner.  I never thought someone would come to me for a training plan or ask me what kind of running clothes I like best—it is great to see someone else pick up the hobby and get joy out of it.  Keep it up K!

For Christmas I got the Pfitz book “Road Racing for Serious Runners.”  Reading through the first couple of chapters I realized something about the past couple of years—I set a LOT of goals.  Pfitz training plans are really focused on your “goal” race with the occasional “tune up” race here and there but he focuses on one goal race and bases the training plan around that one goal.  I like goals and I like to have a lot of goals so if one thing isn’t going so well I have something to fall back on.  Having all those goals on paper somehow makes me feel like a better more accomplished athlete.  But I think I’ve been doing myself a disservice.  Melodramatic I know, I did warned you.  Anyway, for 2011 I’m going to try something new.  Instead of posting a bunch of goals, I think I’m going to post just 3.  According to Pfitz logic that’s still too many but I’m going for baby steps here people.  I’m also not going to consider everything I want to do a “goal.”  I think that’s something else I got into the habit of doing, everything became a “goal.”  I think somehow posting everything I wanted to do as a “goal” made me feel like I was living up to some internal ideal I set for myself. So instead, I’m going to create 3 solid goals and really put my attention and effort into them, instead of half assing a list of 20 things.  Lots of things I’m going to do in 2011 aren’t going to make the goals list and that’s okay, I’ll still do them and gets lots of enjoyment out of them.  I’m going to learn that I don’t need to check a ‘goal complete box’ to get the same level of fulfillment and satisfaction.  I also want to get away from fitness goals that always revolve around the clock.  There is certainly something satisfying about getting a new PR but I don’t want that to always be the focus.  Having FUN and never giving up are going to be my new mantras. 

Okay, so there you have it in all its melodramatic glory!  2010, a year of reflection!  Now for the fun photo montage: