Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 7 Goofy Training

Week 7 of Goofy training got me thinking that "goofy" should really be called something else.  More like the "are you out of your mind" challenge.  Anyway, keeping with a Disney theme, I think I may have experienced all the emotions of the seven dwarfs this week!

Sneezy--Yup attack of the sneezes happened last Monday and I kept praying "please don't get sick, please don't get sick" so far so good.

Sleepy--Definitely sleepy on multiple occasions, most notably after my crazy hard 8x400 workout on Thursday!  Whew that one left me wiped OUT.

Dopey--Mid-way through my long run on Sunday I was feeling quite dopey, why did I only take one Gu for a 15 mile run?  I think I need to re-take fueling for long runs 101.

Doc--I used the WebMD app on my phone a couple times this week. 

Happy--Sunday Brunch with an amazing HUSBAND, an amazing Monte Cristo sandwich and coffee-nothing could have made me happier.

Bashful--Who am I kidding, I am rarely bashful!

Grumpy--I was not only dopey but also grumpy on my long run.  When do I get to have a GREAT long run again? (This weekend right?!!!!!)  My legs were tired and my heart rate was all over the place.  I'd get going and was feeling good and then my heart would start beating uberfast.  Hence the "doc" and webMD'ing.  I didn't come to any conclusions other than, it was an off day.  Eh, they happen right?  

All in all, 30 miles for the week + 1 strength training session (back to back 30 day shreds ouch) + 1 yoga session (via netflix streaming live).