Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Goals

Nhershoes posted a holiday goals list.  I thought it was a great idea so I’m copying!  In honor of my first red cup of the season, here is my holiday goal list:

1.  Make November and December 100+ mile months too.  October was a 100+ mile month and with marathon training ramping up I’m sure Nov and Dec will be too but it is still a goal I’d like to hit so I’m putting it on the list. (I don’t think I’m going to hit 1000 miles this year-mostly b/c of the alien water balloon-but maybe I can hit a monthly mileage PR.) 

2.  Start my memory quilt.  I have a bunch of old race t-shirts and shirts from college (and before) that I don't wear.  Time to get quilting.  

3.  Finish all holiday shopping by Dec. 1st and get crafty with gift giving.  Mr. Pi and I learned how to make jelly for our housewarming party, this inspired me to try to make more homemade gifts.

4.  Run to see Christmas lights!  I love Christmas lights and there is a street not too far from me known for their light displays.  I meant to plan a run there last year but it didn’t happen---it’s happening this year, even if it’s in the rain!

5.  Finish my swim goal for the year.  Goal is 100 miles, I’m 25ish away.  I know it's doable.  

6.  Not gain any weight during the holiday season.  With my running peaking it'll take some willpower not to overindulge in all the goodies that the holiday season brings.  This is the second time I've been marathon training through the holidays.  On the one hand, it's great b/c there is usually time off from work which means more time to train but on the other hand, there are always sweets and goodies around that make snack attacks frequent and calorie filled.

7.  Get up early one day a week to strength train, go to spin class, run, swim, anything to get me moving in the morning again.  (This is to start next week.  I'm hoping with the time change happening it'll be easier to peel myself out of bed.)

8.  Read two books before January 1.  I have Book Club book for this month already started but after that I want to finish another before the end of the year.  Suggestions?

9.  Strength training.  Member when I used to go to crazyweights twice a week, yeah, haven't been in FOR-EV-ER!  Get my body pumping iron with strength training at least once a week (starts next week).  I wanna be able to cross off the 10 push ups from my 2010 goals list.

10.  No holiday music until AT LEAST the week of Thanksgiving.  I LOVE holiday music but I'm trying really hard not to listen to any holiday tunes until the week of Thanksgiving.  It's going to be tough, especially since I discovered pandora has like 4 or 5 dedicated holiday music stations!!!!!