Monday, November 1, 2010

Goofy Week 5 + Halloween Extravaganza

 In honor of Halloween:

H-Happy Running (I ran 27.65 miles this week and pretty much loved every minute.  That put October mileage at 108.45.  I haven't run over 100 miles in a month since spring 2009.  Legs are feeling worked but in a good way!)

A-Awesome party thrown by Amy! (Saturday night, Amy and the architect hosted a fab Halloween party complete with spooky themed drinks and a projector showing scary movies. Great job lady!)

L-Long Run  (I did 10 miles on Sunday morning and was treated to bright blue skies and crisp air.  Mr. Pi and I did opposite loops from our house and got to see each other on the trail about halfway through our runs, it was awesome.  It was one of those mornings when I wished (at least for a moment) that I was running longer since it was perfect running weather.)

L-Legs (I FINALLY did a strength circuit on Tuesday evening and wowie, it’s been awhile.  My legs were SORE!  My abs were also nice and sore.  I foresee more 30-day shred videos in my future.)

O-Ow! (My foot is still suffering from the Morton’s Neuroma issue.  Totally annoying.  I haven’t been wear heels!  It may just be one of those things I have to deal with, which, in the grand scheme of dealing with issues, this one isn’t too bad.)

W- Win (That's right, Giants won Game 4 and are up 3-1 in the World Series. Game 5 tonight---GOOOOOOO GIANTS!)

E- Elections  (I turned in my ballot last week---how about you?  PS I'm ready for campaign commercials to go away.)

E-Even Splits (For my long run, I tried to work on even pacing instead of slowing down at the end like normal.  I did a .9 run/.1 walk ratio and tried to keep the running right around 11-11:30 min miles.  I mostly succeeded, there were some miles below 11 and a couple well above 11, namely mile 8 which involves a 1/2 mile pretty steep grade hill.  I ended my 10 mile long run with the walk/run strategy at just over 2 hours, which means, I was just over a 12 min mile which is about right with walk/running.  Eventually, I’d like my long runs to be closer to 11:30 but for now, I’ll take 12.)

N-November (seriously?!?! It's November already.  My favorite holiday is approaching--Thanksgiving---yummmmmmmm!)

I'll leave you with some photos from the week!

 Spice Girl and Village Person

 Spice up your life!

 It's fun to stay at the...YMCA.

Picture from my run on Sunday


Our front porch on Halloween!  We got lots of trick-or-treaters!  And a few--"GO Giants" too!

Zoey dancing for a Giants home run in her cowgirl costume.

P.S. Hi Dad!  Hope you're reading.