Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving Thanks for a great Week 9 Goofy Training

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday, besides my birthday of course.  Seriously, who doesn't love a holiday about FOOD?!

My week was full of lots of good things to be thankful for most importantly my wonderful husband Mr. Pi who supports my decisions and is just the best ever!  I also have pretty wonderful friends here in P-town, several of whom I got to spend Thanksgiving with, yay.

Here are some photos of the feast:

Table with all of our wedding china--fancy!

The feasters

My vegetarian stuffing in acorn squash---yum!


On Saturday, Mr. Pi and I went out to get our Christmas tree!
Christmas Tree farm in Oregon City

Our tree!
My muscle man

I love this photo!

Once we got home, I blasted the Christmas music and got to work decorating the tree and getting the house decked out in Christmas cheer.  Turns out we don't have many ornaments so I decided to put race medals from 2010 on the tree as well.
My 70.3 medal

Mr. Pi's Big Sur marathon medal

Zoey and Mr. Pi by the tree

Running, the week in numbers.

monday: rest
tuesday: 4.5 miles
wednesday: 45 minute trainer ride--yup that's right, I got back in the saddle!
thursday: 9 mile turkey trot
friday: rest (aka shopping and cleaning)
saturday: Holiday Lights 4 miler (pictures and mini race report coming soon)
sunday: 16 miles--slow and steady (AP 12:42)

Total miles: 33.5

Coming soon this week or weekend or maybe next week (I gotta keep y'all coming back)...TWO giveaways and a check-in on my holiday goals, the triumphs and areas of improvement.