Monday, October 11, 2010

Spectating Portland Marathon & Week 2 Goofy Recap

Week 2 of Goofy Training is in the bag.  The week ended with a wonderful day of spectating the Portland marathon (yes, in the rain).

My running for the week wasn’t great but it was decent.  I won’t lie, I’m totally not ready for my half this coming Sunday down in SF.  Good thing I’m only planning to do it for fun and haven’t set any time goals!

Tuesday—4 slow miles (11:52 avg)

Wednesday-Speedwork!  Yes! I did it!  I only had time to get in 3 x 800 instead of 4 but it was a start.  I hit the 800’s right where I wanted (between 4-5 minutes).
800 #1—4:40; 800 #2—4:32; 800 #3—4:21

Thursday—I was supposed to swim and do weights but I was Amy-sitting so I took a rest day.

Friday—Nice post work run on the Terwilliger hills 5.5 miles (11:35 avg) and marathon expo to pick up RoadBunners bib!

Saturday—This was the week failure.  I had 10 miles on the schedule but when I woke up it was pouring rain.  So I did some house chores, copious amounts of laundry and Mr. Pi and I watched Harry Potter movie 5 (order of the phoenix).  By the time I finally got out the door for my run I didn’t have time to do 10 miles and pick her up from the airport.  Oh well.  I did 4.5 miles at a quicker pace (10:40 avg) and called it good.

My mileage this week was supposed to be 25 but instead I ended up with only 18.2—sad really.  Oh well, moving on.

Saturday night was spent cooking dinner for the marathoner and chatting about all sorts of fun stuff.  Hooray!

Sunday morning came early and was very wet.  We got our marathoner all ready to go and dropped her at the start line.  We parked ourselves in a spot where we knew we’d see our runners twice, once in the first mile and again around mile 5.  Andrew was first to come by looking strong in his first marathon and then RoadBunner came next looking like a strong experienced marathoner not getting caught up in the hype of the first few miles.  We took a few pictures but none of them turned out great and some of them got accidentally deleted.

After we saw both of our runners we went to the nice warm car and drove out to mile 18.  At mile 18, things were still soppy but the runners didn’t seem to be letting it affect them too much.  Both of our runners, Andrew and RoadBunner, were in good spirits.  I hoped in with RoadBunner for just a couple of strides to make sure she didn’t need anything from her “special needs” bag.  After cheering our hearts out and ringing our cow bells, we packed up and headed for the finish line.

Note to the Portland marathon: Your finish line area is terrible!  It’s a confusing mess and totally spectator unfriendly!  There was fencing up around most of the finishing blocks which made it really hard to spectate and the finish line street was blocked to all non-runners---lame!

Anyway, we parked ourselves along the fence and waited for our runners.  Andrew looked good but not particularly happy.  RoadBunner smiled for me and looked like the experienced marathoner she is, calm, collected and at ease.

I won’t spoil RoadBunners results since I know at some point she’ll do a race report but I will say she beat the time she said she didn’t want to go over.  Andrew on the other hand, is blog-less so I can spoil his rockin’ first marathon time of 4:27!  His lovely wife, Lisa, was one of my partners in spectating crime yesterday---she sometimes read this—Lisa, if you’re reading, thanks for being awesome company out there, you’re a spectating pro now.
Just looking at this makes me cold.  I had on SEVERAL layers of clothes, the top ones were all wet. Poor teeny RoadBunner is in shorts  and VERY soaked.

In other awesome running news, my sister in law, ran her very first 5k on Sunday!  So very proud of her for completing the C25k plan.  She’s coming up to Portland on 10/23 to run one up here too.  Yay for spreading the running bug.