Friday, October 22, 2010

The Hype

Now that I’m back in training, I’m trying to resist the race “hype” factor.  I don’t know about you but I often find myself scrolling through race reports and making lists of races/events I want to do.  Most of the time this isn’t a bad thing; I’m a goals oriented person and I like to have things are the horizon.  However, sometimes I get wrapped up in the “hype” and don’t really think about what I’m getting myself into.  Right after I finished Barb’s Race, I made a list of all the things I wanted to do in 2011.  Some of the items on there were for “redemption” and some were new challenges. Then, I fell off the wagon and got pre-occupied by being a new home owner and essentially didn’t think about racing or training until mid-September.  BUT the minute I sat down and created my training plan for Goofy and especially after running the Nike Women's Half last weekend, I started thinking about the rest of the year.

I went back to the list I’d made and started looking at the notes I’d written down and the new races I’ve discovered since I made that initial list and before I knew it, I had a list of  50+ races/events.  Now comes the fun part, narrowing the list and figuring out what fits where.  In times past, I would have created a spreadsheet and listed all the “must do’s” and when their entry fees increased and just started plotting my way through the months getting wrapped up in the hype of racing and the adrenalin rush of just registering for races.   This time around, I’m going to try a different approach---hopefully a less selfish and more fun one.  Of course, I still have a list of “must do’s” but instead I’m going to call them “would love to do’s—sometime, when the timing is right.”

My plan…create my list of things I’d really like to do in 2011 and sit down over some beers or wine or dessert or something equally as yummy as all of those and talk this through with Mr. Pi.  Last year, we both had major races we were training for, him the 50k and me the 70.3.  This left little time for us to do much else on the weekends other than train.  I really want to prioritize a few weekend getaways and time for us, as well as training.  This time around, regardless of what’s on the schedule for the spring, summer and fall of 2011, I’d like to try to have a bit more balance.  While I certainly want to take my training seriously, I think what sometimes happens is, I take myself too seriously.  I lose sight of what I really am—I am a motivated athlete—what I am not is a professional athlete.  I’m never going to be winning races so there is really no need to take myself so seriously.  Yes, to do a 70.3 or marathon or century ride or any of those big goals it takes training and dedication---BUT I think you can train and be dedicated and still have time for other things.  Sure there will be some weekends when the “other things” will have to take a back seat but I think you can plan weekends accordingly.  Maybe I’m being naive.

In my ideal world, many of the things on my “would love to do” list would also be things that Mr. Pi would love to do and we’d be training together for some things.  But since I know Mr. Pi isn’t going to want to do a 5k swim, at least one of things on my list is something I’m going to be solo (or at least I don’t think he’s going to want to do a 5k swim--honey, you up for it?).  

How do you balance other things in your life with training?  What in your life takes a back seat?  What absolutely DOESN'T take a back seat?

So, Mr. Pi, in my attempt to be less selfish and a better wife, let’s put a date on the calendar to go through our race wish lists and you can tell me how crazy I am.  Sound good?