Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello Muscles

While marathon training is logistically easier for me than tri training, it’s certainly not EASY!  Case in point: my legs/buns/abs are very SORE today.

Tuesday after my hill run (aka butt workout) I decided to do 30 day shred + abs.  Wednesday morning, my hammies, buns and abs were sore!  Wednesday post-work I met Jen at the track for speed intervals and by the time I was done legs were toast.  This morning, I got out of bed and said “hello muscles.”  My buns, legs in general and my abs/back are quite sore today but in a “I kicked ass” kind of way.

Member that post I did on mental training, a week or so ago.  Well I’ve really been workin’ the mental game and I think its working.  Yesterday at the track, my plan was to do 5 x 800’s (three of them at a hard effort and two at a medium effort, more like tempo effort).  SUCCESS!  My goal for the first 3 800’s was 4-5 minutes, which is between an 8:00 and 10:00 min mile—knowing that I’m probably not at the 8:00 min mile level yet and knowing that I can run faster than 10:00.

800 #1—8:50 pace
800 #2—9:15 pace
800 #3—9:05 pace
800 #4—tempo pace 10:27
800 #5—tempo pace 10:30
Total miles, including warm up/cool down and rest interval (2:00 minutes): 6.15

Afterwards, Jen and I discussed how track intervals no matter what speed you’re running them at are hard.  Yes, indeed.  I think I could have pushed a little harder on the last two 800’s and gotten closer to 10:00, however, this is 12+ hours later and not right after doing 3 hard effort 800’s.  Jen really helped me keep my mental game positive and when I was wheezing and looking down after hard effort #3—she said something like “get out of your head, you ran strong and confident.” I got out of my head and sucked it up!

Next week I think I want to throw in some 400’s since I think I can push it harder for those.  If you have a favorite speed workout, please share, I’m still pretty new to track workouts and would love ideas.

Score so far for the week:
Alisa’s positive running- 2
Negative attitude toward running - 0

Also, yesterday there was a break in the rain---hooray!  Although it's back today---BOO!  We were treated to stellar views yesterday morning of Mt Hood, the sunshine and the layer of fog over the foothills. Anyone else have a hard time dressing this time of year?  I'm in the cycle of over and under dressing for the weather.  I think that's why I like 65-70 and sunny---shorts and a tank top DONE.

Morning view

Afternoon view with some cloud cover