Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting back into shape

Training for the Goofy Challenge in January in Disneyworld started for me last Monday.  Let's just say it's a good thing I have 15 weeks to get back into shape.  It's always a bit frustrating to me how quickly one can lose fitness.  Two months ago I did a half ironman and now running 8 miles is hard.  I'm back on the running train and will be slowly getting back into shape for my crazy adventure in January.  I'm expecting any PRs that weekend, it's purely one of those things I'm doing as a challenge to see how far I can push my body.  So far, I've slept better and felt sore (in a good way)--I'd call it a successful week.

Week 1 of training went well, I hit all my miles and felt great on my run Friday after work--there is something nice about running on friday afternoon after a week of work.

Tuesday:  3 miles around my new 'hood + 45 minutes of weights/abs
Wednesday: 4 miles also around the 'hood (was supposed to do hill repeats but that didn't happen)
Thursday: long swim 2450 yds
Friday: 5.1 miles on Terwilliger with new tunes...felt fantastic
Saturday: two really LONG walks with the doggie
Sunday: 8.2 miles (6.2 with Amy for her last hurrah before surgery--2 miles solo)

Total: 20.3 (which is nothing compared to what the coming weeks will hold but a great way to slowly ease the body back into running)

Amy's "run to save the shoes" 10k was a blast.  Our running group hasn't really been doing a lot of running lately as we have all been training for different things or taking some time off.
Here's our good lookin' group
I made race bibs but I didn't have time to "laminate" (i.e. tape them) so I passed them out as finisher certificates

After running we were treated to yummy Mexican brunch at the Fenavo's...otherwise known as Amy's kick ass neighbors.  We had a yummy soup called Posole, it had cabbage, lime, onion and hominy---it was delicious.  We also had a tortilla, egg, beans and cheese dish that I didn't catch the name of but it was also delicious.  For dessert, yes, this was a three course brunch---was homemade rice pudding (arroz con leche).  I left so full I wasn't hungry again until 7:00pm.
Nope, it wasn't good or anything!

My post wouldn't be complete without some photos of house projects, since working on the house has become a fun and time consuming hobby.  These are from when my Dad was still here, he and Mr. Pi built a gate on our wrap around porch so Zoey has a fully fenced yard to roam.
First post down

  Half the gate built
Full gate built
Finished gate, painted to match the rest of the porch

Goofy training week 2 has begun and it's also the week of the Portland Marathon---which I will be spectating.  Yay!