Thursday, September 30, 2010

Test Lab Thursday + Free Sample + Giveaway

First, since I know all of you love free stuff, GU is giving away a 6 pack of their new Roctane flavor—Island Nectars with a purchase on  It’s the perfect unveiling right before the Ironman World Championships in Kona.  And if you're going to Kona, there will be a special swag bag at the Gu energy house, details in the link below.  Who doesn’t want a bit of the islands throughout their fall and winter?!  Click on the link below and have your own island getaway amidst your next long run.

C-YA and C-SPOT Review

Now onto my review and giveaway.  Awhile back Samantha from C-YA  (website: contacted me to review her product line of reflective magnets.

Overall  rating: A

The C-YA product and the C-Spot (for you doggie owners) are a great reflective product that won’t damage your clothes.  I have a pack of Nathan reflection stickers which are great but not transferable to different clothing items.  The C-YA is a small, about palm sized, magnet.  Literally, you can snap them onto your shirt, hat, shorts, etc.  I was worried about chafing or overall bunching of clothing where I placed the C-YA but I came away unscathed.  I have to say that my wonderful Zoey wasn’t a huge fan of her C-Spot.  She kept scratching at it like it was bothering her.  Next time I try it with her I might attach it to the leash itself instead of her collar or put her in the harness and attach it to the harness.

The only suggestion I have for Samantha is to do a bit of updating to her website.  While the product is great and modern, the website looks straight out of the 80’s, in a jazzercise-y way.
Samantha was so gracious in providing me with multiple C-YA’s that I have decided a lucky reader deserves one too.  I’ve decided to giveaway my lightning bolt C-YA.  It’s literally the shape of a lightning bolt---you can think about how fast you’re running as you sport it in the wee morning hours or post work.  Since it’s getting lighter later and darker earlier it’s a perfect time to invest in some reflective gear.

To enter, leave a comment that answers the following questions (please consolidate your answers into one comment—3 entries per person):

1.  Are you an early morning runner or an evening runner?

2.  Go to the website ( and provide a piece of constructive advice on how to make it better.

3.  Since I got so many great answers on my movie question last time, I’m asking another.  What’s your favorite night scene?


  1. Running is a great way to start the day - I'm a morning runner. My favorite night scene would be a sky full of stars.

    More photos would be a good addition to that website.

    I run with my dog, Zoe, too!

  2. I sometimes run in the mornings, sometimes evening - depends on my work schedule that day!

    For the website, the only thing was I found it difficult to read some of the writing on the icons on the right hand side.

    I'm not sure what my favourite night scene is!

  3. 1. I actually prefer to run in the morning, but sometimes it just doesn't happen so I have to run after I put the boys to bed.
    2. On their website, I think they should change their color scheme. I understand they are selling reflective gear, but the colors are BRIGHT!
    3. ugh..I can't for the life of me think of a night scene in a movie!

  4. I am primarily an early morning runner, although I do run evenings one day per week usually.

    wrt the website, need an easier to read font/background combination :-)

  5. I much prefer early morning running to evening. I agree with taming the website colors a bit, and I have NO idea what my favorite night scene would be from a movie. Just in real life, I would have to say sitting around a fire bundled up looking at the stars.

  6. 1. I'm a morning runner, though not terribly early. I think I might get a headlamp.

    2. Website advice? TOTAL OVERHAUL. Black is not a good background color; it strains the eyes. The layout is non-intuitive and difficult to understand. The payment buttons should not be at the top. The overall design needs a unifying "metaphor" for coherence and unity throughout the page. A fav icon in the URL bar adds credibility. The menu shouldn't be white/gray--actually, none of the colors match very well. (The designer should use a color scheme generator to make a set of colors that are easier on the eyes.) ...Also, in terms of content, an "About the product" page should be prominently displayed. I wasn't really sure what the products really were, except for what you put on your blog.

    As for night scenes, do you mean in any movie? I like the scene in "High School Musical 3" where Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu's characters sing and dance in a night-time junkyard and beat on cars with pipes. That doesn't really make sense, but it's a good movie, I promise!

  7. I am guessing I will be running in the DARk a lot in the months to come. URGH!!

  8. 1. Early morning all the way - if I don't go first thing in the am I find it very hard to go in the evening unless it is short like 3 miles or less or if I have someone to go with. I love knowing I got it out of the way for the day.

    2. While I understand what they are trying to do with the website by making it bright and reflective like their product it is very hard on the eyes and at first glace it looks a little cheap (sorry!!) I am sure the product is great and it really is an awesome concept but the look of the website doesn't really make me want to hang around. Make have a section with the black background/bright font but not on the home page - or maybe just put a small banner on the homepage showing the reflectiveness. I love that they make them for dogs though - since mine are so small many times at night people don't see I have dogs when walking down the street and this would help.

    3. Night scene - hmm, well the first two that came to me were the Sandlot when they were playing baseball on the 4th of July and Titanic when Jack and Rose ran outside right when the iceberg hit. Titanic is not a favorite but Sandlot brings back memories.

  9. I'm a morning runner. Years of 4:30AM crew practices and the desert heat keep it that way for sure.

    I'd suggest having the page titles reflect what the company is (the text that shows up on the tabs and header of your browser). It makes it easier to know what website you're looking at!

    I'm not sure if I have a favorite night scene... that's a really tough one. How about my favorite skit from Viva La Bam (in honor of Jackass3D coming out this week!)? Bam's parents, Ape and Phil are asleep in bed. They've coordinated with Phil that he's going to wake up, and be swapped out with their friend Preston who has on a fake beard and whatnot to be like Phil. They switch, Preston starts to cuddle on Ape, she keeps pushing him away, and then realizes, in the dark, that it's not Phil, and freaks out. Funny times :)