Thursday, September 30, 2010

Test Lab Thursday + Free Sample + Giveaway

First, since I know all of you love free stuff, GU is giving away a 6 pack of their new Roctane flavor—Island Nectars with a purchase on  It’s the perfect unveiling right before the Ironman World Championships in Kona.  And if you're going to Kona, there will be a special swag bag at the Gu energy house, details in the link below.  Who doesn’t want a bit of the islands throughout their fall and winter?!  Click on the link below and have your own island getaway amidst your next long run.

C-YA and C-SPOT Review

Now onto my review and giveaway.  Awhile back Samantha from C-YA  (website: contacted me to review her product line of reflective magnets.

Overall  rating: A

The C-YA product and the C-Spot (for you doggie owners) are a great reflective product that won’t damage your clothes.  I have a pack of Nathan reflection stickers which are great but not transferable to different clothing items.  The C-YA is a small, about palm sized, magnet.  Literally, you can snap them onto your shirt, hat, shorts, etc.  I was worried about chafing or overall bunching of clothing where I placed the C-YA but I came away unscathed.  I have to say that my wonderful Zoey wasn’t a huge fan of her C-Spot.  She kept scratching at it like it was bothering her.  Next time I try it with her I might attach it to the leash itself instead of her collar or put her in the harness and attach it to the harness.

The only suggestion I have for Samantha is to do a bit of updating to her website.  While the product is great and modern, the website looks straight out of the 80’s, in a jazzercise-y way.
Samantha was so gracious in providing me with multiple C-YA’s that I have decided a lucky reader deserves one too.  I’ve decided to giveaway my lightning bolt C-YA.  It’s literally the shape of a lightning bolt---you can think about how fast you’re running as you sport it in the wee morning hours or post work.  Since it’s getting lighter later and darker earlier it’s a perfect time to invest in some reflective gear.

To enter, leave a comment that answers the following questions (please consolidate your answers into one comment—3 entries per person):

1.  Are you an early morning runner or an evening runner?

2.  Go to the website ( and provide a piece of constructive advice on how to make it better.

3.  Since I got so many great answers on my movie question last time, I’m asking another.  What’s your favorite night scene?