Friday, September 10, 2010

Test Lab Friday & Blogger Award

I forgot to do Test Lab Thursday yesterday--what can I say it was a busy day.  

The great folks at Outside PR sent me a new flavor of Gu Chomps to test out!  I've tried the orange and strawberry chomps before and really like them.  My only complaint about them is that sometimes I'm still hungry afterwards.  However, I'm beginning to think that maybe wasn't a Gu Chomp issue but rather an "I'm not eating/drinking enough for 50 mile rides" issue.  So, chomps.  They are like a chewy sweet treat.  I tend to prefer chews versus gels on the bike.  Running I can go either way but gels don't cut it on the bike for me.

Here is what Gu says about their chomps:

"GU Chomps offer a change of pace from gels and an answer to that moment in your run, ride, ski, swim, hike…. when you just gotta have something to chomp on.
GU Chomps deliver the premium ingredients and performance benefits you've come to expect from
GU Energy products:
• Amino acids for added focus, rippin' energy and speedy recovery.
• Vitamin C + E, those mighty antioxidants that combat tissue breakdown.
• Sodium and potassium to restore electrolyte balance.
• Exclusive blend of complex and simple carbohydrates."
Outside PR sent me the watermelon flavor which is a new flavor of chomp.  I don’t usually like real watermelon however, this summer I gave it another try and I found I do really like it but it has to be really COLD.  So when, they asked to send me something watermelon flavored I was a lot more excited about it!  I had wanted to test these out sooner but I’ve been enjoying some lazy time off since my HIM.

Overall Rating: A-

I took the chomps with me last weekend when my Mom and I hiked in the gorge.  They were quite yummy with enough salty-sweet taste to satisfy us on the hike.  We ate one bag between the two of us.  Each bag has 2 servings.  One serving is 4 chomps and is 90 calories.  Since we hadn’t hike too far that was about plenty for us.  If we had gone farther, I would have suggested for each of us to have our own bag.

Flavor rating:  B+

I still prefer the orange and strawberry over the watermelon but it was certainly good, just not great in my opinion.

Satiated rating: A-

This flavor tasted a bit saltier than the others and I think it satisfied me a bit more.  However, like I mentioned before I think I was still getting my nutrition strategy down before when I was using the chomps.

Thanks to Outside PR for letting me try out a new Chomp Flavor!

Onto the blogger award.  I was given the Cherry award by both Colleen from Irondiva and Aimee from I Tri to be Me.  Thanks ladies!  If you don’t read their blogs, you should. 

So for the award I have to answer a couple of questions:

1)  If you had a chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

I tend to think I’ve had a pretty fantastic life however, back in college I spent a lot of time thinking about going abroad but ultimately chose not to for a variety of reasons.  If I could do it all over again, I’d go abroad.  I had originally wanted to go to Australia.  I ended up going there and New Zealand for my college graduation trip.  I think though, looking back, if I went abroad, I’d want it to be somewhere really different and unique.

2) The second thing you have to do is pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award. 

Anyone that is reading this---consider yourself picked!

3) The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.

I get to thank both Colleen and Aimee!  Thanks you guys for giving me the award.  You are both contagiously positive in your outlook on life and training.  I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability---that’s part of what makes a good blog.