Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tea sandwiches, cupcakes and cookies...oh my

This week was BUSY.  I did some more planting and digging in the yard, went for a VERY wet and cold hike with my Dad, worked at my real work some and threw an amazing housewarming party.  

Notice, there was no running to be had this week---oh well.  Hiking, gardening, walking and swimming all count as exercise.  Goofy training starts Monday so I'll be getting back into the groove next week.  I'm going with a 16 week plan this time since I'm so out of running shape.  Probably first 4 weeks of building and then hit it for 12 weeks.

Our backyard is pretty much planted for now.  We can't do much until we can start the vegetable garden for next year so, we decided to tackle the front.

Here is my Dad starting to tear the weeds out.

Weeding away!
Holes for the new roses!
All planted!  3 new roses and 25 pansies.(Yes, I know they are annuals but I wanted some color for the housewarming party.)
And a new tree that replaced a very large ugly, dying bush.
Plantings from a different view. Zoey wanted to make sure that everyone knew she helped too.

After planting and sprucing up the front yard on Wednesday, my Dad and I set off for an adventure on Thursday.  I knew it wouldn't be the best day for hiking as the weather went from a pleasant 70 degrees to below 50 and raining BUT we went anyway.  We trekked up toward Mt Hood and started from the Elk Meadows trailhead.

As we started hiking, it was a lightly drizzling but not too bad.  We we happy hikers trekking across streams on bare logs and chatting away.
Zoey and my Dad.
Me and my Dad.
Happy hiking Doggie

 Trail eventually went up.  Would have been a nice view if the weather was nicer.

I stopped taking pictures at this point because it started to pour down rain and all three of us, Zoey included, were very cold.  After our cold 5.5 mile hike we sat in the car with the heater full blast trying to thaw out.  Once we got to civilization we hit up starbucks for something extra hot and cozy.
Friday was a busy busy day preparing for the housewarming party.  Cooking, cleaning and decorating.  Saturday morning rolled around and it was go time.  Final cooking and decorating ended and we got to sit back and enjoy our wonderful friends who warmed our house wonderfully.
Finalizing the tea sandwiches and setting out the bar.
 Second spot for bar goodies.

 Our non-alcoholic selection.

 One side of the food spread.  Grape jelly meatballs and veggies/dip.

 Our First Home--sugar cookies.

Tea Sandwiches.  One of the four kinds Mr. Pi made.

Another tea sandwich--they were yummy.
Food Spread!  4 kinds of tea sandwiches, deviled eggs, melon mint salad, sugar cookies and lemon curd infused cupcakes with raspberry marscapone cheese frosting.
Both sides of the spread in our dining room.  MMMMMMMM!
 We made grape, red wine and white wine jelly favors for people to take home with them.
 Up close of the white wine jelly.

In addition to the stuff we made, several people brought other yummy additions.  We also got a couple of awesome plants, lots of new wines to try, an awesome gardening book, a wine towl and a basket of Italian goodies.  I cannot tell you how loved we both feel and how awesome it is to have a space to entertain.  There will be several more parties at Casa Pi! I'm hoping Mr. Pi or some of our other friends took photos because once the party got going, I didn't take a single photo!  Bad me.

It's time for me to finish up laundry and start working on my Goofy Training schedule.