Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flying Solo 2010

My wonderful Mr. Pi was away for 10 whole nights.  What did I do with my solo time?  Technically, I was only solo for half of those nights since my Mom flew up to hang out.  Here’s a photo essay of what I did while Mr. Pi was away. (I didn't get a pic of my mom and I shopping, which is something we do quite well!)

cuddling with Zoey on the couch

hiking with my mom in the gorge

Zoey went too!

We also drove the "fruit loop" and were treated to great views of Mt. Hood

I started hanging all of our race bibs on the wall in the basement (I know I have more at my Dad's somewhere and my first races I don't think I even saved my bibs)

I also started hanging our medals. Most of mine are at work so those are mostly Mr. Pi's (on the left).

Zoey and I took lots of walks around the neighborhood and I started taking pictures of flowers that I want to plant next year.  Anyone know what those pink/white ones are?

More flowers from the neighbors.  Orange ones anyone?

I liked the orange/red leaves of this ground cover stuff, again, anyone know what this is?

Flowers Mr. Pi and my Stepdad sent my Mom and I

And finally, a great pic of Zoey soaking up the sunshine.

In exercise news, I failed at my running goal.  I only ran twice!  Wait, wait, I can explain.  I came down with a little cold during my LONG weekend which I thought deserved less running and more relaxing on the couch.  I did manage to strength train once and I put the bike up on the trainer (due to rain) and rode intervals for an hour. 

Goals for this week: Same as last week (4x running 20-25 miles; 1 x swim or bike; 1 x strength train).  Also, I need to start working out in the morning.  I love it once I’m in the habit, what is my problem!  Oh right, the bed is all nice and cozy in the morning, that's the problem.


Yup, that's the guy!