Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So let's just get the "fails" out of the way.  No swimming or biking and only two runs.

I did do one weights session--yay and I did run twice.  My second run on Saturday morning was my longest trail run to-date (nearly 7 miles, Garmin lost satellite so I'm not really sure).  It was amazing!  Thanks to Amy for picking a great (tough) run.

sorry it's all blurry!  Mr. Pi was out there running too in his new Vibram FiveFingers (as Amy calls them his "creepy shoes")

The rest of Saturday and most of Sunday were spent "diggin" in the yard of course!

hoeing to make room for spring bulbs

my hoed section along the porch

Mr. Pi building garden bed #2

Some assembly required

Fully placed!  We also had all the dirt delivered yesterday so now we need to get to planting!

In training news, I went for a great walk/hike with Amy through some trails near our workplace.  I think I might run on them next week assuming the weather holds and it's not pouring buckets or something.  Then, when I got home I was feeling like I wanted to get in some running miles so I hoped on the roads for a quick and easy 3.2 miles.  I did a different loop and found a great long residential street with limited cars and a huge bike lane that I ran along.  I am really loving my new neighborhood and being a homeowner.

I also am going to start thinking about Goofy!  Yes, I know it's still a few months away but maybe if I put a couple of goal half's on the calendar for the fall, I'll get more motivated to think about Goofy.  Goofy is going to be a fun run only---I'm going to be taking lots of pictures and not worrying about my garmin time at all! 

Fall halfs I'm considering:
Oct. 10/17 Nike--well, I'm already doing this race but also just for fun!
Late Oct. 10/24 Columbia Gorge Half---Looks beautiful but HILLY! (also depends on whether my sister-in-law is doing a 5k that day up here that I would run with her.)
Nov. 11/20 EWEB in Eugene---I've done this race before and it is a fast course but it's 2 hours away and I'm not sure we want to travel that far again.
Dec. 12/12 Holiday Half---a few Pdx'ers have already emailed about this one, I'm on the fence as it's rather pricey for a half and I think it'd probably fall on a weekend I have a 20 miler for Goofy.