Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What now?

Training-wise I’m not sure.  I've done a couple of runs and swims and have a couple of scheduled rides but I've been taking the time to recovery and catch up on all the stuff that got neglected while HIM training.

I've also been going through a weird (but good) reflection phase.  I have all sorts of thoughts going through my head some about the past but most about the future.  I’m not quite ready to give you all a post about all of it but maybe someday I will. 

Over last weekend Mr. Pi and I, along with TONS of help from my mom and stepdad tackled some major house projects (just as a side note, I made 4 trips to home depot).  A bit more major than I think any of us anticipated BUT our house is finally starting to feel like our home.  If you're friends with me on facebook you've seen a lot of these pics already but here are some photos of the weekend adventures around the house.

Mr. Pi and Stepdad Re-roofing the garage in 90 degree heat!

On a break from re-roofing, the boys cut down the ugly cousin it bush!  Along the garage will be the new home for our garden beds.
Re-roof COMPLETE!  Also installed is a new garage door opener. I'd call this project a major 
Meanwhile, my Mom and I painted the downstairs bathroom.  Here is coat #1.  We covered an icky gray/brown color.
Painting complete!  Instead of icky gray/brown it's now a light blue/green.
Actually it's this--window pane by Behr.

Also, somewhere in there our new bedroom furniture was delivered--which means we are no longer sleeping on the floor yay!  I also found time to unpack all of the boxes of clothes and hang a few photos on the walls.  Last night after setting up the china hutch and unpacking the china (which has been in boxes for 3 years) we enjoyed a beautiful sunset from our bedroom window!  (Zoey did too.)

Being a homeowner is really grand...I HIGHLY recommend it!