Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What now?

Training-wise I’m not sure.  I've done a couple of runs and swims and have a couple of scheduled rides but I've been taking the time to recovery and catch up on all the stuff that got neglected while HIM training.

I've also been going through a weird (but good) reflection phase.  I have all sorts of thoughts going through my head some about the past but most about the future.  I’m not quite ready to give you all a post about all of it but maybe someday I will. 

Over last weekend Mr. Pi and I, along with TONS of help from my mom and stepdad tackled some major house projects (just as a side note, I made 4 trips to home depot).  A bit more major than I think any of us anticipated BUT our house is finally starting to feel like our home.  If you're friends with me on facebook you've seen a lot of these pics already but here are some photos of the weekend adventures around the house.

Mr. Pi and Stepdad Re-roofing the garage in 90 degree heat!

On a break from re-roofing, the boys cut down the ugly cousin it bush!  Along the garage will be the new home for our garden beds.
Re-roof COMPLETE!  Also installed is a new garage door opener. I'd call this project a major 
Meanwhile, my Mom and I painted the downstairs bathroom.  Here is coat #1.  We covered an icky gray/brown color.
Painting complete!  Instead of icky gray/brown it's now a light blue/green.
Actually it's this--window pane by Behr.

Also, somewhere in there our new bedroom furniture was delivered--which means we are no longer sleeping on the floor yay!  I also found time to unpack all of the boxes of clothes and hang a few photos on the walls.  Last night after setting up the china hutch and unpacking the china (which has been in boxes for 3 years) we enjoyed a beautiful sunset from our bedroom window!  (Zoey did too.)

Being a homeowner is really grand...I HIGHLY recommend it!


  1. congrats, homeowner! Let me know when you want to hit the nursery :)

  2. wow, that sounds like a lot of work! We also have wedding gifts that have yet to be unpacked, from 3 years ago. And I don't think we'll have room for it all in our new apartment, either!

    I think it's good to stop and evaluate things every once in a while. Make sure we're on the path we want to be on since we all change over time!

  3. That's some serious work on the house!

    Sometimes after a big race I get very reflective too.

  4. You're getting it in great shape!

  5. The sunset is so pretty! I'm glad you're enjoying it : )

  6. Great pics and great job on the house projects! My hats go off to you. That work is never easy!

  7. i think all that work counts as serious cross training.

  8. Good work on the house. The bathroom looks good!

    Let me know if you'd like to go on any runs together (that is if your leg is feeling better?)

  9. Looks great can't wait to see it all in person.

    I WANT a china hutch so bad!! Next house.

  10. Beautiful home - and giv eyourself a break after the HIM just to consider where you're going. You'll do fine..

  11. Congrats on being homeowners; now the real fun starts! You will figure out what is next; it will probably just hit in you in the face one day.

  12. The house is looking great! Must feel great to be a homeowner. The poor Cousin It tree!

  13. Wow! You guys did the roof repair? It looks like you did a great job. Oh, and you cut down the bush too. I guess it’s necessary since its leaves and twigs can get in the roof and the gutter, and this may blog proper water flow and cause damage to your roof. It’s been a long time since you repaired it. How is it now? I hope it is still in good condition. :)

    Lenore Lung

  14. What an effort from Mr. Pi and your stepdad! They endured the 90 degree heat just to finish installing your garage roof. Anyway, keep it free from dried leaves and other unnecessary dirt to prolong its lifespan. Job well done indeed!

    -Missie Rice @ DeshazoRoofing