Thursday, August 26, 2010

Test Lab Thursday-GIVEAWAY

The awesome folks at Outside PR are letting me host a giveaway.

Back a few weeks ago I did a review of Ryder eyewear.  As you read, I LOVE my pink biking glasses.  I'm pleased to be able to host a giveaway of Ryder's!  I'm not sure what style you'll be receiving--maybe you get to make a plug for the ones you'd like?

Anyway, here's how this is going to work.

1 entry per answer (4 entries possible)---please try to consolidate your response in one comment

1.  Go to the Ryder's website and tell me one thing you like (or don't like) about their website.
2.  On average, how many sunny days are there in a year where you live? (The weather channel website should be able to help you with this one.  Make me jealous---on average in Portland, in January, there are only 2.4 clear days.)
3.  What is your favorite activity to do in the sunshine?
4.  Your favorite movie scene where at least one character is wearing sunglasses?

The giveaway will close on Monday August 30th at midnight Pacific Time.  
Winner will be announced Tuesday or Wednesday.


  1. 1) I don't like the bloody faces on their main website. yuck.

    2) 310 sunny days on average here in the high desert of central new mexico.

    3) Find shade! Too much sun here. I like to be outside, just not in the direct sun if possible

    4) I'll pass on this one.

  2. 1) I'd like that they list all the sports they represent in the drop down column on the left hand side. Right now it lists only three, but I'd love to see tri, cycling, running, etc added.
    2) There are on average 178 sunny days in Columbus, OH!
    3) I love to go on a nice run or bike ride then lay out in the hammock and fall asleep!
    4) Top Gun volleyball scene, anyone??

  3. Fun!

    1. I do like the bloody zombie look on the homepage. Sexy!

    2. 68 sunny days a year here. :(

    3. Hiking! Or biking. Really, anything!

    4. Ferris Bueller was the first sunglasses guy to pop into my head. :D

  4. 1. I like how you can click ona feature and it'll bring up just the sunglasses that have that feature - eaasy easy shopping!

    2. I think I might win this one, ha. According to the City of Phoenix website: "Average number of days of sunshine per year: 334" I love it.

    3. I like to run, hike, swim, shop (we mainly have outdoor malls here) and read in the sun!

    4. I think the Reno 911 movie was hilarious, and they wear sunglasses almost the whole time in the movie!

  5. 1. I like the sortable features! Very nice.
    2. About 68 clear sunny days, but if you bring in partly cloudy days, that goes up to 144 (much nicer)
    3. Gardening, running, sitting on the patio drinking wine!
    4. I know it's not a movie, but I love CSI:Miami, and everyone knows that show is not complete unless Horatio Caine takes off his sunglasses at least a dozen times! (I love you David Caruso! Call me!)

  6. 1. I really like their work/phrase/saying thing that passes by after all of the pictures.
    2. Over 300 days of sunshine here in Denver! Woohoo!
    3. I love to go hiking! Cloudy, gray skies mean thunderstorms and trouble for hikers!
    4. This is a tough one! But, I'm going to have to go with Top Gun where they're all playing volleyball. Val Kilmer is tooo hot in that movie! :)

  7. 1) I don't like that all teh cyclist are injured! wtf!? people need to be safe! lol

    2)262 sunny days on average per year in Walnut Creek, CA.

    3) I love cruising in the car with the top down and music blaring on a sunny day :)

    4) TOP GUN!!!! Best use of aviators EVER...hubba hubba ;)

  8. 1. I like how they tell you about the different kinds of lenses and fits.

    2. Sacramento, CA = 188 (although I suspect it is higher).

    3. On a sunny day as long as it is not to hot I love being outside, swimming, riding, running, traveling.

    4. Man, everyone took my Top Gun scene. Sigh, Tom Crusie in any sunglasses - Days of Thunder, Risky Business, etc.

    PICK ME!! I want those pink glasses! :)

  9. I like the pictures of the glasses and that the site is very clean and organized

  10. Heheheh I live in Seattle so?? Maybe 3 1/2 :)

  11. I love to play at the park with our boys or sit outside and stare at Mount Rainier with a cold beverage and hubby or friends.

  12. Hmmmm Top Gun comes to mind, didn't he wear sun glasses the whole time?


    1. i like their site but got a little lost wandering around the glasses when you first did your review.

    2. gah 263 days of sun here. i need to move to portland! lol

    3. um not sure... definitely not running! i don't mind cycling in the sun though :)

    4. the hangover when they are driving in the convertible to las vegas all in their shades.

  14. 1) I like that you can break down the different characteristics of glasses, i.e polarized, interchangable etc.

    2) according to yahoo real estate gig harbor get's 139 sunny days (and 181 precipitation days, but we wont go there)

    3)wash my car

    4)Grese 2 - during the song, "we're gonna score tonight" Michelle Phifer can do no wrong! lol LOVE all things Grease! including all the sunglass scenes in one and two.

  15. 1. I like the dirty faces- and the clean sunglasses- lol

    2. Where I am living at for the exact moment 136! I was kinda of surprised...

    3. I like being outside but my favorite is activity is probably taking a leisurely bike ride.

    4. I am going to say The Hard Road. The first thing I could think of!