Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mr. Pi's Skyline 50k & 30th Birthday Celebration

Most of the readers of this blog know that Mr. Pi, my amazing husband, is a super speedy runner.  You've heard about him running Big Sur with a new PR and how the poor guy has to wait around for HOURS after he finishes races to see me finish.  Well, this time it was my turn to spectate for him and be there at the finish to cheer him on!

The day after my 70.3, we trekked to the east bay area for the Skyline 50k.  Mr. Pi has been doing some brutal trail training for this race knowing it was going to be hilly and hard!  We arrived at the start line around 6:00 am.  I hobbled along trying to be as supportive as possible, ready to show him the same awesome support he showed me the day before!

Here he is at the start eating his breakfast
Here's the "start line"  I love trail running, there is no official start line, no timing chips, just totally go with the flow

After driving for what seemed like forever, up and down...but mostly up a ton of HUGE hills, we finally made it to the mile 14ish marker.  Just in time to see Mr. Pi cruise down the hill in about 38th-ish place.  He was looking really strong!
He's the one in bright blue!
Mile 20ish
Again at mile 20ish

He actually asked for a pacer here.   I have no idea what came over me but I hopped in and ran alongside my amazing hubby.  Granted I was sore out of my mind and honestly had no idea what came over me other than a rush of adrenaline but I thought "sure I can pace for a mile."  Well, that mile was reduced to half a mile, then to a quarter, then to um...that tree over there.  Sorry hon I tried!

After seeing him at mile 20 still looking amazingly strong, we headed caravan-style to the finish line.  When we arrived I saw Roadbunner and Audrey---pretty cool that they came from SF to hang out and watch Mr. Pi!

After hanging out with the girls and family for what seemed like 5 minutes but it was a little closer to an hour, we spotted Mr. Pi coming down the hill toward the finish!

Here he comes toward the finish line!


And...ultramarathon DONE!  Mr. Pi finished in an impressive 5:03:35 (mind you that's about 40 minutes faster than my marathon PR).  He came in 35th out of a total of 165 finishers! So proud of my hubby!

Two exhausted accomplished athletes at the end of Mr. Pi's race.

Now I jump to the Wednesday following the photo above.  After driving the 11 hours from my parents house back to Oregon (Mr. Pi flew back), I set out to make him the most amazing 30th birthday dinner ever!

Started with setting out some of his cards and packages and breaking out our wedding china.  (side note: since we've been in a teeny tiny apt since we got married, our china was resting silently at my parents house until now.)

The CAKE! German Chocolate as requested by Mr. Pi.

Happy 30th honey!

Now that life is sort of back to normal meaning there isn't any crazy travel planned, no major training on the horizon, we are settling nicely into our new home slowly unpacking boxes and trying to figure out where artwork should go on the walls.  I think we have both been trying to catch up in other places of our lives that were put on hold during training.  I've got lots of thoughts about the future but I'm still processing. 

Stay tuned for some fun pictures of house projects and fun summer time activities!