Thursday, July 22, 2010

Test Lab Thursday ---Ryder Eyewear

It’s Test Lab Thursday again. This time I’ll be reviewing Ryder Sunglasses!

Outside PR was nice enough to offer me a couple pairs of Ryder sunglasses to test out, one pair is what they call “chill” or more fashion-y and the other is “performance” or meant for sports.

Performance Glasses “Essential HEX

My rating: A++

Fit: These sunglasses have got to be the lightest glasses I’ve ever worn. Often times I would forget I even had them on! I sometimes have issues with sunglasses being too tight around the ears and giving me headaches—definitely NOT with these.

Wear: I mostly wore them while riding since I haven’t been doing a lot of running lately with the alien water balloon and all. They were perfect for riding. I don’t know how I rode so long without sunglasses. Even on the days it wasn’t super sunny, these were perfect for blocking the dust, wind, bugs, etc.

During the Pedal Petal ride with Jen--it wasn't super sunny but the shades not only matched my outfit but they kept the bugs and wind out of my eyes.

Color/Shading: First off, the frames are pink so can’t go wrong in my book with that! They do come in other colors for those not interested in pink sunglasses. The shade of the glasses is also about perfect. They are dark enough to remove glare from the road, etc without being too dark. Since I live in a climate that rarely has days where there aren’t any clouds, these have been great. They work when the sun is shining brightly and also when the clouds roll in.

Durability: Since I’ve only had my Ryders for a month or so, I can’t speak to their long term durability BUT so far no problems. I have shoved them in a few different bags and I did take them across the country and back without any scratches or dings. I do keep them in their soft shell protective case when I’m not wearing them but have dropped them accidentally and they survived without a scratch.

Price: For performance glasses these are pretty reasonable, they retail for $39.99. Most of the comparables I saw online were upwards of $50+. In high school, during my lifeguarding days, I had Oakley’s that were $100+ and while I did like those glasses, I do remember getting headaches from them pinching behind my ears.

Overall: A++ Cute & Comfortable!

Chill Classes “essential Chill HALO

My rating: B+

Fit: While I wouldn’t say these are super heavy glasses but I have definitely had lighter ones. Unfortunately, after about an hour or so of wear I did start to get a temple headache, which is a bummer since I did really like these glasses.

Wear: I mostly wore them outside walking around and in the car. They stayed put and when I went inside they were great at holding my hair back out of my face.

Color/Shading: The frames are brown which I really liked but they come in a couple of other colors too. The shade of the lenses was also spot on, not too dark and not too light. They too, work when the sun is shining brightly and also when the clouds roll in.

Durability: Since I’ve only had my Ryders for a month or so, I can’t speak to their long term durability BUT so far no problems. They haven’t been scratched and they don’t look worn at all. I took these across the country and shoved them in my luggage without any problems.

Here are my shades all the way in Boston, MA.  They are helping to keep me squint free unlike my poor hubby Mr. Pi.

Price: For fashion glasses these are on par with ones I’ve bought in the past, they retail for $39.99. They certainly aren’t Coach or Versace but they are nice and at that price you don’t have to worry about losing them!

Overall: B+  They probably would have gotten an A if they hadn’t bothered my ears.


  1. I've been desperately looking for a pair of sunglasses to run in and this just may help in my hunt, you've done great reviews!

  2. I have heard great things about Ryder sunglasses! I may have to give them a try!

  3. Love the way you strucutre your reviews! I get headaches when I wear sunglasses... No fun.

  4. cute cute glasses! I love the pink sport ones! Makes you look sassy while on the bike :)

  5. Ohhh, I want those pink glasses!! So cute!! I want people to send me stuff to review/give away!

  6. Oooh, I am very intrigued with the pink ones! I never felt comfortable with any sport glasses while running. Although I do have a pair for biking that I like.

  7. I think they are cute!! I'm with you about pink being Ok in you're book. I feel like as I've gotten older I've gotten more girlie. Ha.

  8. (I'm getting a weird message from PhotoBucket about some image/video being deleted.)

    We sell Ryders at the store, and I'm always tempted to get some. That said, I have to work up the gutsiness to run in sunglasses in the first place...

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  10. ery cute! I'm thinking I should start wearing sunglasses while running (I never have before), as I don't want to accelerate the rate of eye wrinkling that I've got going on! For that price, I might give them a shot!

  11. I have a ryder review coming up very soon too! And they are totally different glasses than you got. :) Good luck this weekend girlie, I know you'll kick ass! xoxo