Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pre-Race Thoughts

Test Lab Thursday is taking a back seat today to make room for my pre-race thoughts.  Barb’s race is just around the fact, as this post is published I'm on my way down to Cali!  The last couple of weeks have been JAMMED with moving, work and taper training.  Here are some of my thoughts going into race weekend...

Thank You’s
I owe BIG thank you’s to:

 -My wonderful husband Mr. Pi for supporting me and being so flexible with our social schedule.  I would not have made it through training without your love and support honey!  Thank you too for putting up with my going to bed ridiculously early and getting up ridiculously early.

-Jen for being my sounding board on all things tri related and for doing so many training rides (and runs) with me.  And for being such an awesome and positive influence!  Zach needs a shout out here too, thanks for being our lead rider around town, it’s been great to have you guys to learn from!

-Amy for being my swim (and run before we both got injured) buddy.  Klineline isn’t the same alone!  Also, thanks for listening to me…sometimes I know it’s not always pleasant.

-All my other Portland friends, thanks for being so understanding and for always giving me so much encouragement.

-Family, you guys are the best and are always there when I need you.  So excited that you’re going to be at the race.  Kristen H, you fall into the family category for me—thanks for always being up for training when I’ve been down in your area, it’s nice to have someone to train with when I go to another state!  Next time we hang out, let’s do pedicures =).

-Fellow bloggers, I’ve learned from so many of you and I appreciate all the advice and encouragement you’ve given me through your comments and emails.


-Tri training is hard, time consuming and tiring.  I have been in some type of training (whether base training or real training) since January.  Almost every weekend since January has included both riding and running making the weekends quite busy.

-Lots of life stuff happened during this training cycle---the biggest and most life changing is our new HOUSE!

Since January, when base training began:
- I rode over 1200 miles on my bike including 5 rides 50 miles or farther—I did my two longest rides AFTER my crash.  Despite the fall, I have learned to really enjoying cycling and it’s something I plan to keep doing after this tri is over.  (I also did 16+ hours of spin class.)

-I still love to swim, which I was slightly concerned about going into this, I was hoping it wouldn’t be a chore.  I swam 70 miles!

-As for running, well, I miss it.  Before the accident I was definitely hitting runner burn out but the time away has made me realize that I miss it.  Running is always going to be difficult for me and that’s one of things I love (and hate) about it.  My run stat is not even close to where it should be but since January I've run about 400 miles.

The Race

I had all sorts of time goals prior to my crash but now my number 1 goal is to finish with a smile.  I know this is going to be a LONG and tough day for me (and it would have been even if I hadn’t crashed).  My training cycle certainly didn’t go as I planned but I still feel as ready as I will ever fell for a race this big. 

A lot of this race for me is going to be about mental strength—not giving up and also being so very proud of myself for training as hard as I have trained.

Training Photos

I've had a LOT of really fun and rewarding training moments, I've also had a couple of moments I'd rather forget about.  Here are a couple pictures to re-cap the last 6ish months:

Group runs with friends
Muddy runs before the crash
5 week old alien water balloon that had made it through many long rides!

1.2 mi open water swim with Kristen
Traveling and still getting in good training while spending time with my bestie
Long weekend with the hubs and a fun and scenic training ride

Spectating for Mr. Pi

All the rides with my awesome riding partners Jen and Zach
Rides, Runs, Swims, Emails and gabfests with Jen!

I have so many awesome memories from this training cycle--I am so lucky to have so many supportive people in my life.  Thanks everyone, I will be thinking about all of you on race day.


  1. Great recap!! You have accomplished so much in your training and it's been great to watch you improve and get more confident. You know you can finish this race and we will be rooting for you all day long!! Can't wait to hear all about it and celebrate when you get back. :) Good luck!!!!

  2. Good luck! Your documentation of your training shows that you did so many things right--trained hard physically, adjusted your mentality, had a great support network, and had many memorable experiences! I hope your race is a great experience too.

  3. It has been so exciting to be with you during the training! You have a lot of support back here in P-Town that can't wait to hear the recap & help you celebrate becoming a half-iron (wo)man!


  4. Your recap is so heartwarming! You've had a fantastic 7 months and have accomplished so much!

    Have a great time this weekend. No lie, it's going to be hard, but know that you've put in tons and tons of work - your body knows what to do - your mind knows what to do, and you can think of all the fun people and places you've been with while training! You're going to be fantastic and I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Good luck!!!

  5. Good luck! I'm looking forward to your race report :)

  6. I'll be cheering for you on race day, but I wanted to wish you some pre-race good luck and have a blast out there!!

  7. Good luck! You've got a lot of training under you belt. Now it's time to reap the rewards! :)

  8. Can't wait for your race report Alisa - well done!