Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The life of the Pi’s

Training has been going along okay since coming back from my vacation. Unfortunately, I came down with a nasty cold that hasn’t really been getting much better-LAME! No one should be sick in the summer (right T?)!

Last week was decent training-wise, given the water balloon and cold.  I actually ran 5 whole miles! The Pi weekend however, was EPIC!

Mr. Pi had a 25 mile run on his schedule. He is prepping for his Ultramarathon (which is the day after Barb’s Race in the bay area). He wanted to get in a long run on the trails, since the Ultra is on trails. That morning, bright and early, I packed a cooler worth of supplies for his “aid” stations and we headed off to his “starting line.” We had worked it out that I would meet him on the trail every 7-8ish miles. I would park the car and walk to the trail intersection.

The Trail--it's 30 miles total and Mr. Pi said he kinda wished he'd done the whole 30 miles (Amy did the whole trail over a few months last year--I'd love to make that a goal for next summer):

Here he is at the start line:

Syncing our watches:
After dropping him off I headed to the first aid station, mile 7.5ish. Once I parked, I grabbed the dog and my small backpack filled with aid station goodies and headed down the trail.  The first check point was about .5 miles from the car. I got there with plenty of time to spare so Zoey and I took off down the trail to explore a bit. I made sure to get back to the meeting spot in plenty of time so I wouldn’t miss Mr. Pi.

Aid Station #1 Looking Strong:

Zoey and I hiked back up to the car and ventured to meeting spot number 2. Again, we got there with plenty of time so we went exploring. Being on the trails made me think that after my race is over and when my running is back up to normal, I’d like to try out trail running.

Aid Station #2:

The routine continued, Zoey and I would park and hike down to the trail meeting spot and await Mr. Pi. I tried to have as fully stocked an aid station as I could carry—Gatorade refills, ice water, GU, apples, PB&J and Cliff Bars.

Aid Station #3:

Once Zoey and I left aid station #3 I started to think about my own ride that was ahead. I wolfed down some PB&J and chugged a bit of Gatorade before meeting up with Mr. Pi for a very blurry but awesome finish line photo!

I am so very proud of my runner husband. He is so dedicated to his training and has really excelled in every race he has run. I’m excited to see him finish strong at his ultra on August 1!

To finish out our EPIC Saturday adventure, Mr. Pi dropped me off on Sauvie Island and I started my 50 mile, heat training ride. It wasn’t too hot but definitely pretty warm, about 85-90ish. After 31 miles I had run out of fluid so I had to stop at a little convenience store (aka drunk teenager central) for more water and Gatorade. After filling up my bottles, I met my friend P in the parking lot and we headed out for the last 19 miles. He was great! I honestly probably would have quit if he hadn’t been there to push me through the ride. It’s amazing to me that 50 miles doesn’t seem all that far anymore. Don’t get me wrong it’s still hard work but it has definitely gotten easier.

Epic Saturday = 75 miles for the Pi family!