Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4 weeks to go

It’s 4 weeks til Barb’s race and my training calendar calls for a final push. I’m going to do my best and enjoy the training I can do.

For those that haven't seen it via FB, I posted a fun pic of my leg from last week at the bottom of the post.  Yes, 5 weeks later and it's still an alien water balloon!  I did run almost a mile on vacation. It was painful for the first minute or so but it made me pretty sure I’ll be able to run/walk the half marathon at Barb’s.

Vacation was great! I didn’t get in as much training as I wanted since I wasn’t able to run like I thought I’d be able to but I did rent a bike and get in some hilly miles. 

Training update. I debated if I wanted to post training stats or not since they really aren’t where they are supposed to be but I decided I should be proud of what I have done and post them anyway!

Training--June 23rd – July 4th

Wednesday: AM spin with Junk Miles

Travel day to Boston + Pi anniversary day.

Thursday: Walking around Boston—literally like 5 miles

Friday: More walking around Boston—5-6 miles

Saturday: Rest/travel day up to Maine

Sunday: 30 mile ride in Maine

Really 22 mile ride alone and then I rode alongside Mr. Pi for the last 6 miles of his long run.

Monday: 2000 yard swim + 15 minutes of treading water

This was the first swim I’ve done where I felt NO pain in my leg! I was even able to use the kick board.

Tuesday: 6.5 hours of Golfing

Not really tri-related training but let’s just saw it was as exhausting as running a marathon! I have so much more respect for golfers now.

Wednesday: 30 mile ride from Maine to New Hampshire (2 hours 10 minutes/13.8 AVG) + 30 minute walk after dinner through the hills around the rental house

Nothing beats crossing a state line by bike. It was awesome and super hilly but totally worth it.

Thursday: Mini tri

1500 yard-ish/28 minute swim in a pond—they have a tri there in August so I’m guessing my distance.

12.5 mile/ 50 minute ride (15.0 MPH). I would have gone farther but I was getting tired and the clouds were rolling in and as you all are aware I’m super scared of riding in the rain now!

.65 run/10:30 pace—my first run in 4 weeks. It was pouring and the pain in my leg was excoriating for the first two minutes but then eased up some. I am hopeful I can run/walk at Barb’s.

Before my swim in the pond.

Friday: 5 mile hike with Mr. Pi in the Maine outback

Pretty trail along a river for part of it. It was basically uphill for the first 2.5 miles so it was definitely a workout. We were planning to go farther but we were both tired.

Saturday: Rest

Travel day back to the west coast.

Sunday: 40 mile ride back in Oregon

We headed out west of the city and I did a modified version of the North Plains ride that I did with Jen a few weeks back. I skipped most of the hilly portions as I wanted to hit the cadence hard and try to get a good average speed. I ended in 2:41/14.9 AP not too shabby. Then went for a fun BBQ at Amy’s!

I’ll be doing a post about the HOUSE soon too and I have a couple of reviews I need to do.

Still trying to stay positive about training and do what I can…Barb’s is going to be hard but hopefully all the more rewarding knowing how hard training has been for me with the alien water balloon!

Here is the water balloon!