Sunday, June 6, 2010

It was bound to happen... (Barb's race training week #12)

Something was bound to come up to derail training a bit right?  Things were going to swimmingly.  Anyway, long story short (which some of you know through FB already) I crashed on my bike on Thursday.  It was painful and is still painful and probably will continue to be painful for a little while.  For those that like graphic images there are some at the bottom of the post.

I had two DNS's this weekend.  One for Girls on the Run on Saturday for the 5k.  I felt horrible having to bow out of that commitment but there was no way I could run (or even run/walk) a 5k.  My second was today, Sunday, it was supposed to be my tri of the season and my first Olympic distance race.  Alas, there was no way that was going to happen either.  I am beyond bummed about this setback however, I keep telling myself it could be sooo much worse.  I wasn't hit by a car, I'm not in a wheelchair or the hospital, nothing is broken, I'm just limping a little with a very sore and deeply bruised leg, some minor scrapes and a sore shoulder.  Even Spartacus is virtually unscathed.  I took him to the bike shop yesterday and they have to replace one bent thing on the back gear shifter and they had to straighten out the hoods (i.e. the shifting levers in the front) but other than that he has a few scrapes but it totally rideable.  So, what happened...

I was so excited Thursday morning that the rain had let up and the sun was out.  I rode my bike to work (4 miles) and got in the pool for a swim.  Things were looking great.  UNTIL about 4:00 pm when it started raining. It wasn't raining that hard and I had already rode in to work so Amy and I met up as planned for our ride on the bike trail.  We were cold and wet but having a fun.  

 See proof that we were having fun!

We parted ways as we both headed for home.  I was coming around a corner with a green light so I sped up, hit a metal grate and tumbled to the ground.  I was very close to my work and had several people ask me if I was okay.  In shock and in lots of pain, I hobbled into the building and called Mr. Pi.  Being the great husband that he is, he dropped everything he was doing and went home to fetch the car and come and rescue me.  By the time he came to get me, I was breathing normally but in lots of pain.  We got home and I got in the shower to discover a small welt on my leg and lots of scratches and scrapes.

By the next morning my small welt was much bigger and looked like a water balloon under the skin.  I was still limping to walk and my hip was pretty sore.  I made it to work and called the doctor.  Doc said severe hematoma and told me to get xrays.  Xrays came back negative but the hematoma is going to take awhile to recover.  Doc said in a week or so the swelling should be better (if not, they will need to drain it) but that recovery could take upwards of a month.  I'm hoping that in another few days I'll be able to do minor training with lots of swimming but we'll see.  I've decided I'm not riding in the rain ever again unless I'm on a mountain bike.  Again, I'm thankful it's not worse but I'm also not happy to be injured.  Thanks for all the support from my family and friends, I'm super lucky to have you guys.

Week 12 Recap
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 miles of speedwork and abs (I skipped swimming since I thought I'd be swimming today in the race)
Wednesday:  Trainer ride AM + PM long swim with Amy
Thursday: AM Swim + PM Bike Ride, ending in crash
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Rest and injury recovery

Swimming: 4950 yards
Biking: 14.5 + trainer ride 45 minutes
Running: 4 miles

Graphic Pictures be forewarned:
Day 1--Looking down the back of my right leg

Day 1 - The water balloon

Day 2- Turning colors

Day 3 --Colors and the bulge is still bulging

Side view of the water balloon, it kinda looks like a knee cap but no that's the bulge off the side of my leg.  

I'm going to keep a record of pictures everyday to see how it changes.  I'll probably post some again in a week, unless the overwhelming response is, "Ewwwww please don't post anymore of those gross pictures."

I'm hoping my road to recovery is short and that I'm back on my plan soon!