Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going through the motions

This post is going to be very stream of consciousness and random...

Between the crazy weather we've been having which has included hail and frost in MAY, having a busy work week and my allergies my workouts have been lackluster.  I've been simply going through the motions.  I haven't skipped anything (except weights class) but I haven't really been into anything either.  I've re-arranged some workouts maybe that's throwing me off, maybe it's the weather (which for the next few days is supposed to be dry hallelujah!), maybe it's because this training plan is 20 weeks long, I don't know...I'm not feeling burnt out per se more like I've hit a plateau or I'm bored or something.

Anyone been through this or have any advice?

Things I'm going to try:
1. New workout clothes (this usually helps at least a little)
2. A new route or a return to somewhere I haven't been in awhile (Portland peeps, any new running or cycling routes I should try out?)
3. Workout buddies (who wants to go running, biking or swimming?)