Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can you meet me halfway...

I'm halfway through my training plan.  I actually can't believe that I'm halfway.  During the next couple of weeks, things are going to start ramping up.  I haven't checked recently but I think I'll max out at 14 or 15 hours in a week.  I've been holding steady right around 11-12 hours.  I thought it'd be fun to track my stats for the first half of my training, so, since March 15th, 2010:

Swim--40,487 yds (that's 23 miles! Peak yardage week 6600/Low yardage week 2000)
Bike--516.2 miles (some of these were approx miles on the trainer. Peak miles 87.50/Low miles 14)
Spin class-- 8 hours 45 minutes
Run--157.69 miles (peak miles 20/low miles 12)

Awesome things that have happened:
-My brick runs have gotten faster.  In fact, my brick runs are often my fastest miles of the week (granted also the shortest but still!)
-I've been able to get in 4 open water swims already, one at race distance--being in the PacNW this is HUGE
-My bike times have improved
-My biking endurance has improved
-I feel strong

Things I need to work on/continue to do:
-Lengthening my brick runs a little each week (hoping to get up to 4-5 miles of brick during the week)
-Continue with at least one OWS per week
-Nutrition on the bike (So far, what's been the best is cutting up cliff bars and luna bars and putting them in my bento box.  I still prefer water to any sports drink, but I'm thinking maybe one water and one sports drink--yet to be determined.)
-Increasing endurance and speed on the bike (I'd like to have a few weeks of 100+ miles on the bike.)
-Couple of brick runs after long rides
-Healthy eating habits (It's not that I'm eating unheathly now but I need to keep my sweet tooth in check.  Now that I'm hungry all the time, I need to be sure to pack enough healthy snacks for the workday.)
-Holding steady with my long runs for the week.  Increasing long run mileage up to 10 miles and holding that for a few weeks before going up to peak at 13.

There you have it.  Halfway through and I feel on track and strong.