Sunday, May 16, 2010

Barb's Race Training Week #9 (Long post be warned)

It was a week of firsts, my first melt down moment, my first (and second) open water swim(s) of the season, my first flat tire and my first hilly ride.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4.5 miles with Jen and Amy

I wanted to do a tempo run and Jen is the best pacer for these since she's significantly faster than Amy and I she can easily pace us for tempo.  During our warm-up I was feeling great, my legs were a little heavy but I really felt like I could nail a tempo.  Mile 1-10:40ish  Our first tempo mile clocked in at 9:57 and I was starting to feel a little like a fat whale, there you have it, no sugar coating, I felt yucky.  Tempo mile #2 9:44 and I was really feeling crappy.  We were going to go for another tempo mile but I just couldn't, we slowed down and about a half mile later I just lost it.  I started crying right there in the middle of the trail.  I am so grateful to have the most awesome friends in the world who totally put up with my mini meltdown.  Thanks guys you're the best!  Anyway, I pulled myself together and finished that run strong.  Our last mile was slower but not all that slow because our avg ended up being 10:17.  I never wear my watch when I run with Jen, I just let her keep track so I don't have exact figures.

Wednesday: 17 mile bike with Jen + Flat tire + OWS with Amy

I met Jen at her place and we headed out for a ride.  I gotta say, this girl is still super strong on the bike!  She might have taken some time off from biking post-IM but she still has it.  We easily got up our average cookin' once we got past the stop lights and  people dodging section of the trail.  At one point, my bike started to feel kinda funny, I thought maybe my brakes were rubbing because it was getting so hard to pedal.  Turns out I had a flat.  Thanks to Jen, we fixed it up and were on our way in no time.  If I'd been alone I would have been looking up how-to videos on Utube and calling husband to come and rescue me!  Here's Jen working away:
 And, DONE!

After the tire incident we pushed it back to her place, actually racing a train in the process--bit of tempo work there with speeds of 20 MPH+.  We ended the ride through downtown which put the kibosh on our awesome average as we were stopping every block.  17 miles/1:12/14 MPH avg

Jen took off for yoga, I met up with Amy and we made the trek across state lines to Klineline Pond in Vancouver.  Along the way we considered just going to Emily's and seeing what she was doing but instead we sucked it up and went to the pond.  My tri club swims there now on Wednesday's so there were several swimmers already in the water when we arrived.  We put on our wetsuits and ventured in.  It was cold but not unbearable.  We started our first loop around and actually encountered some rude fisherman who yelled at us to get out of the way.  Whatever.  Amy decided she'd had enough after the first loop but I trekked back around with a really nice woman who is training for IMCDA.  I didn't bring my watch but two loops is approx 1200 yards.  Not a lot considering most of my swims are 2000+ but for my first OWS of the year and my first time in many years swimming in a wetsuit I was pretty happy.  I'll be back next week.

Thursday: Endurance 10 in the Book 2700 yards +1 hour trainer + 1.5 brick run + 40 minutes walking the dog

I headed to the pool bright and early for a swim.  I did the endurance 10 in my favorite swim book.  About halfway through the swim I wanted to stop.  I was tired and I felt like I was moving at snail pace but I gutted through and finished 2700 yards in 58 minutes.  After a long exhausting day at work I knew I still had an bike + brick to finish.  I thought about spin class but it was a bit too late by the time I got home from work to go.  It was a beautiful day out so I really wanted to ride outside but it was also rush hour and I'm still scared to ride in heavy traffic.  So, I opened our patio door and set the training up right next to the door, popped in a DVD and hit it.  5 min warm up, 10 minutes of "hills," 5 minute sprint --repeat!

After my ride, I grabbed the dog and headed out for my brick.  My legs definitely felt very heavy but I did my best to hold an even pace.  1.5 miles/11:00 avg

Since it was such a beautiful evening I stayed out for another 40-45 minutes just walking the dog around the neighborhood.  It was glorious.  I love being able to go out in shorts and a tank and not be cold.  I don't usually count walking the dog in my exercise log but since it was after my brick run, I figure that's more time on my feet post-biking, right?

Friday: 4ish mile run to happy hour 

I took off from work and ran to downtown and crossed over one of the waterfront bridges to the east side to meet several friends for happy hour.  My Garmin never got satellite so I really don't know my pace or distance.  However, I google mapped my route and it was approximately 4 miles, so I'm going to call it 4ish.  Happy hour was great.  Post-happy hour Mr. Pi and I walked around the neighborhood with the doggie and looked at a house that we are interested in.  It's a little rundown and would need some work BUT the location, the price and the space is great.

Saturday: 52 mile bike ride + 800ish yard swim

Here's where things got hard!  Mr. Pi and some friends dropped me off west of the city and I was going to ride out to Hagg Lake and meet them and Jen for some loops around the lake.  I took a couple of wrong turns getting out to the lake and ended up tacking on a few extra miles but nothing major.  I actually saw Jen on my ride out.  I was at a stop light looking at directions and I heard some honking--it was Jen!

I made it out to the lake and was feeling really good.  I'd gone almost 30 miles, 29 something at a 15.6 avg pace.  Hagg Lake is where several people (including Jen and Zach) have gone to hill train on the bike.  The elevation is nothing too significant but there aren't any flat stretches except the dam.  I met up with Jen and we started out on our first loop around the lake.  Along the way we saw Mr. Pi and company and they turned around to ride the loop with us.  When we hit the first hill I clicked into my granny gear and just pedaled through.  I've biked once before at Hagg on a mountain bike and actually had to walk up the first hill.  No walking this time.  In fact, Jen really helped coach me up the hills and gave me good pointers on hill training.  I even made it up the hill aptly called the "mother shitter" without any issues.  (Note: Jen and I named some of the other hills too, "papa shitter" and "son of shitter.")  Having people to ride with and push me along made all the difference.  Also, allowing myself some "stopsies" was also smart.  I know I can't do those during my races but for now, mentally, pitstops do help.  All in all, I went 52.01 miles with a total average of 13.3 MPH and a new max speed of 30 MPH.

Things I learned:
-Riding with people is WAY better than riding alone.
-If I can only have company for part of a ride, I'll take it at the end.
-Hills are hard.
-Granny gear can be fun.
-I need more solid foods while riding.  (I'll be trying out Cliff Bars next week.)
-I can go faster downhills when I know I have an uphill ahead.
Coming up "papa shitter"
Almost there.
A lake view along the route.
Short "stopsie" for a photo op.
Kind of a horrible picture of me and Mr. Pi's eyes are closed but we rarely get pictures of us together when we're out riding or running so I'm posting it.  (Sorry honey, it's not the most flattering of either of us.)
 This pic is better of me at least.  Me and Jen, DONE with the ride.

After riding Jen and I decided to get in the lake for a quick swim.  I have a timed open water swim out there next weekend (that Amy and Kristen are doing too).  I got my wetsuit on noting that it is a lot harder to get on when you're grimey and sweaty from riding.  The water wasn't too bad.  A little merky at the shoreline but the temperature wasn't bad, Jen went sans wetsuit.  I'm not really sure how far we swam but it wasn't very far.  I'm guestimating I did maybe 800 yards total but that could be a total lie.


We are out there somewhere.
Our bright caps don't look so bright here.

Sunday: 7.5 miles on Leif Erikson Trail
Slowest run I've had in a LONG time.  This trail is joked about being uphill both ways.  The first 1.5 miles is a steady uphill and then it rolls along once you're past that point.  It's a nice wide trail but definitely a trail with some rock and branch obstacles.  That first mile was slow and I even had to walk for a minute at about .75.  After that I got my legs under me and just slowly trekked along.  I definitely felt the ride the day before!  But I got the run done and had a great brunch with the crew (minus Amy--we missed you).  7.5 miles/1:33/12:30 AP (told ya it was SLOW).

Epic week totals:
Running: 17.5 miles (~3:23)
Biking: 83 miles (6:07)
Swimming: ~4700 yds, two open water swims sans watch (guestimate: 1:45)
Total Time: 11 hours 15 minutes