Sunday, May 9, 2010

Barb's Race Training Week #8

Three things from my last post I said I was going to try to re-vamp the workouts:
1) New workout clothes.--Check!  I went to the Nike Employee store and came back with a loot.
2) Workout buddies.--Check!  Amy did part of my EPIC ride with me on Saturday.  THANKS!  Plus, I already have a couple of running/biking/swimming dates next week.
3) New routes.---Check!  My bike ride was almost a completely new route and Mr. Pi and I went out to one of our favorite trails to run.

The highlight of the week was BIKING.  I rode my farthest ride to date (51 miles), complete with some hills near the end, great weather and excellent company for the middle miles.  Between Saturday's ride and my two trainer rides (which I have to estimate distance) I think I rode about 87 or 88 miles and was on the bike (either on the trainer or outside) for close to 6 hours this week.  I definitely think all the time I've spent on the bike has been paying off.  I feel stronger and I'm getting faster.  After riding 51 miles I'm pretty sure I could tack on another 5 miles for the 56 of the HIM.  However, the thought of running a half marathon after that is another story.

Onto the re-cap:

Monday: REST
Tuesday:  1:15 trainer ride + 15 minutes strength training

Not much to say here, crappy, crappy weather forced Amy and I to cancel our run.  Instead of hitting the treadmill I opted for the trainer. (I also had a night meeting from 7:00 - 8:30 pm that evening which always makes squeezing in a workout difficult.)

Wednesday: 1:10 on the trainer + 2.5 mi brick run with Zoey

I hit the trainer hard.  Partly because I didn't have the best day at work and partly because I was feeling the need for speed.  Weather was being totally schzio, one second downpour/hail, next second sunshine.  The sun was out (but it was COLD like 40 something) but I decided to brave my brick run with the doggie.  We headed out on our normal route and about a mile into the run, the sky turned VERY VERY dark, then, the hail came, then the rain.  It pelted us like pebbles--I really was uncomfortable.  But 2.5 miles later we were back at the apt and rushed immediately into the shower.  Zoey got a bath and I quickly showered before night meeting #2 (7:00 - 9:30 pm).

Thursday:  3.5 miles + 15 minutes of abs and pushups

This was supposed to be my first OWS of the year (open water swim) but I had a work "retreat"---read: mentally exhausting afternoon of sharing your opinions and feelings with the big bosses---and Mr. Pi wasn't feeling well so I decided it'd be best if I just went home.  I considered making this a rest day I was soooooo drained .  But instead I leashed up the dog and went for a run.  Of course, this did make me feel better, though I felt guilty for not swimming since I skipped my Wednesday swim too.  Whatever right?  Move on.

Friday: 4.5 glorious sunshiney morning miles + 1800 yd swim

I took the morning off from work since I'd been at those late meetings earlier in the week.  I got in a great morning run.  The sun was out and I got to internally laugh at all the suckers on their way to work.  After running I got in a quick swim.  I actually violated my normal policy which is no swims under 2000 yds but I was running late to meet the girls at the Nike store.  Can't be late for shopping!

Friday evening I met up with all the girls for a girls night, which we all decided we need to do more often.  I didn't take any pics but Amy did!

Saturday: EPIC 51 miles of riding

I woke up nervous as I usually am before biking, especially rides that involve hills or riding in traffic--this one had both.  I geared up and hit the roads.  I road 12 miles to Amy's house on the other side of Portland.  I stopped at the waterfront to take a couple of pictures, I couldn't resist it was gorgeous.
After getting to Amy's I took my first Gu. I Gu'd approx every 12 miles which I think was perfect and I drank an entire bottle of Gatorade + almost a whole water bottle.  I tried Jet Blackberry for the first time and LOVED it, tasty.  However, I think my favorite is still Hammer Vanilla.

On my way to Amy's I spotted Lori running and yelled a hello to her which I'm pretty sure thoroughly confused her since she's not used to seeing me all the way over in her neighborhood, especially on a bike. 

Amy took me on an awesome 25ish mile loop from her house which involved a couple of street crossings but was mostly on paths culminating in the Marine Drive path which is right alongside the river with an awesome vantage point of the airport.

PDX airport the runways
Random shack thing along the mighty Columbia
Yay cycling! Yay cycling buddies!  (I need sunglasses)
Marine Drive bike path

I left Amy back at her place and took off on my journey home.  I knew the roads would be more crowded than they were in the morning and I also knew I had some fun hills to tackle in the last 5 miles of my ride.  I made it down to the waterfront without too much anxiety about riding in traffic.  I made a quick pit stop at the waterfront to gather myself for the 5 miles ahead.  I went from the waterfront through downtown (in a city with so many cyclists there are very few streets in the heart of downtown with bike lanes) up to Terwilliger. This is where things got a little ugly.  My average speed when I left the waterfront was about 14.1, a little slower than what it has been but there were several signals and road crossings along the bike path that we had to slow down for.  Terwilliger---oh Terwilliger.  I run Terwilliger often and while it is hilly it's really not THAT hilly.  I think the reason things got so ugly here is, I'd already ridden 45 miles.  There was lots of cursing and some motivational-speak.  I did stop once, when I got up to the Chart House, a restaurant situated along the route, I took a mini breather.  I was soooo close to home probably 1.5 miles, I knew I could do it but I was fading and I was getting angry.  I'd had such a good ride thus far and I wanted to end positively.  My average speed had already dropped to a 13.5 but I wasn't going to let it drop from there.  And I didn't!  When I got back to my apt, I grabbed the dog went down to the grass area and laid down.  It was great!  51 miles take that!
Sunday: 7 miles

Mr. Pi and I went out to the Banks-Vernonia trail to do our run. 
 Mr. Pi starting out.

Again, the weather was beautiful--sunny and warm.
 The cool trestle bridge.  So pretty in spring everything is GREEN.
One of my new Nike tops!

I started over with a new half marathon plan that I'm incorporating into my HIM plan a few weeks ago.  The running mileage definitely has decreased and will slowly build back up.  Today, I had 7 miles on the agenda.  My goal was to run .9/walk .1 and to average 11:30-ish.  I really had no idea how my legs would feel after the ride yesterday.  I started out conservatively but actually felt pretty great.  The BV trail runs slightly uphill on the way out and then downhill on the way back.  My first 3.5 miles came in right about 11:40, definitely on track.  I was consciously slowing myself down in a few spots because I really wanted to maintain an even/easy effort.  At the turn around, I said I was just going to let my legs go and see what happened.  Since it was downhill I was definitely making up time with the same easy effort.  I finished the run in 1:20:10 which is an 11:27 avg--right on target.
 The farmland section near the parking lot.
Almost done.
After I finished, I grabbed the dog and headed out for a nice cool down walk and waited for Mr. Pi to finish up his run.  We stopped by this yummy coffee shop/sandwich place out in Hillsboro and then took Zoey to the dog park.  Great Sunday!

This week had a rocky start but ended great!

Swimming: 1800 yards (pathetic)
Biking: ~87.50 miles (nearly 6 hours total)
Running: 17.50 miles (better)
Strength/abs: 30 minutes (need to work on this)