Sunday, May 2, 2010

Barb's Race Training Week #7

Back to a good week of training along with another fun Sunday of marathon spectating.  I'm going to save the spectating report until I've collected pictures from my fellow spectators and also so the runners can write their reports and take all the glory!  BUT I WILL say was so great to see Jen, Lori, Mel, Zach and Kathy all running soooooo strong.  Great job everyone.

Alrighty, so the weekly re-cap.

Monday: Rest as per usual no problems resting

Tuesday: Spin/Brick + Yoga
Amy and I had speedwork plans set for the track BUT the weather was atrocious.  We figured we could deal if it was a light sprinkle but an absolute downpour was not something we were interested in running through.  We created an on the fly plan B.  We came to my apt complex and used the gym here.  There is only one treadmill so I let Amy run intervals and I rode the spin bike.  After spinning hard enough to make the apt manager come down and tell me I was "testing the speed limit on the bike" I did one mile brick in a respectable 10:30.  Successful plan B.

Then, Amy and I did an hour of living room yoga.  I was great to do yoga again after such a long break.

Wednesday:  2800 yards in the pool + 4.2 mi run (intervals)

I finally made it to pool in the morning.  I busted out 2800 yards and started work starving!  After work I was all set to makeup the track workout I had skipped the day before but the running gods really didn't want me to go to the track this week.  It was POURING yet again.  Determined to get in my speedwork I hit the treadmill and did 6 x 400's.  Speedwork success!
Thursday: 2000 yards (including a long set of 1500) + 3ish mi walk/run with my GOTR running buddy

I did a lunch swim and was in the mood to do a long set so I did 1500 straight set and then tacked on another 500 yards after a brief rest.  I was pretty happy with 2000 yds in 35 minutes.
Post work on Thursday I attended the practice 5k with my running buddy with GOTR. I would almost call this another speedwork workout.  My girl was so funny, she'd sprint all out and then we'd walk some and then sprint all out and then we'd walk some.  I didn't wear my Garmin but I'd imagine our overall average was maybe 12:30-13:00ish.  She talked to me about Harry Potter and long division.  All in all, it was a really fun experience and I'm looking forward to running the Starlight Run 5k with her in June though I'm hoping I can convince her to pace herself a little and run farther but we'll see.  I'm curious to read about Marya's experience as she was still running with her buddy when I left to go home.

Friday: 4.5 mi run

This was supposed to be my 7-9 mile long run but I just didn't have it in me on Friday.  I ran with a friend and she was a trooper.  I think I need to spend the next couple of weekend long runs alone with my Ipod working out my mental hangups!  Whatever, I ran.  4.5 is better than 0.

Saturday: 3 hour trainer ride + 2100 yard swim

I skipped tri club swim in favor of sleeping in.  When I got up the weather looked iffy so I hit the trainer.  I was scheduled for 45 miles so I figured 3 hours would be close to 45 miles.  I got off the trainer only twice once to pee and once to put in another DVD.  I felt strong and pushed as much as one can push for 3 hours on the trainer.

I hit the gym pool in the afternoon for 2100 yards.  It was slow going but I got in the yards.

Sunday: Marathon Spectating

I'm going to have a whole post on this coming up later this week with pictures of runners and my awesome marathon signs.  I got home in time to do my 7-9 miles that I missed on Friday but decided against it.  I may run tomorrow instead of resting or I may put those missed miles behind me and move on.

I also want to give a BIG shout out to Team TWSS  (I linked Maritza here b/c her last post talked about the team) that did "the relay" this weekend way to go girls!