Sunday, May 30, 2010

Barb's Race Training Week #11

These posts keep getting longer and longer. At least there are pictures!

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Lunch Swim + Track Workout + Yoga
Swim was good. I couldn’t get out of bed for a morning swim so I did a quick 2000 yds/38:02 over lunch. I printed a workout from the internet since I knew there wasn’t time for a long workout from the book. The work was pretty much sets of 300’s---lots of different stroke work, which I rarely do anymore.

I haven’t been to the track in ages. After Tuesday’s workout I remember why---track workouts HURT. I ran down to the track near my work (it’s almost exactly one mile). It’s also downhill so it skewed my warm up a bit. Then I set out to tackle 4 x 800 (with 400 recovery). Well, I made it 3 x 800 and cooled down for a total of 4 miles. Jen and Amy were also there. Jen and I were trying to time it so that she could run her recoveries during my 800’s, it sort of worked. Let’s just say this workout was TOUGH.

Warm up mile – 10:15 (downhill)
800 #1 –8:55 (probably too fast)/400 recovery @ 11:01
800 #2 –8:57 (again, probably too fast)/400 recovery @ 11:40
800 #3 –8:48 (definitely too fast)/400 recovery @ 13:00 (pretty much walked all of this one)
Cool down .75 – 11:30

Yin Yoga at Yoga Pearl with Jen and Amy. I really love this class. It was great for me to do yoga after a track workout since I am admittedly a bad stretcher. My two week pass runs out soon and next week I have night meetings Tuesday/Wednesday so I’m not sure how much yoga’ing I’ll be doing next week but I would really like to keep it in the schedule, it’s been really good for me.

Wednesday: AM Trainer Ride + ab workout/PM OWS at klineline
Weather was crap Wednesday so I got on the trainer for an hour in the morning. I did my usual trainer workout where I spend 3 minutes in each gear and sprint 1 minute in the hardest gear (when I get to it).

Post-trainer ride I did a good ab workout, approx 15 minutes. I decided I need to start strengthening my core. My back gets sore on the bike and I’m thinking it might be from a weak core.

Klineline swim solo. Amy decided to hit the pool so I trekked to Vancouver solo. I knew the tri club would be out there at some point but I also knew there was a chance I’d be swimming alone. This is a HUGE no-no! To compensate I texted a couple of people so someone would know where I was. Swimming alone was a little scary at first but I got used to it rather quickly and finished my 3 loops, approx 1800 yds/37:10.

Got home Wednesday evening and took the dog for a nice long walk. The skies had cleared a bit and the first half of the walk was really pleasant THEN it POURED. We were both SOAKED by the time we got back.

Thursday: Lunch Swim + PM Ride with Jen + 2 mi Brick
Again, couldn’t get up in the morning to swim so I went to work early and swam at lunch. I did a modified version of one of the book workouts. It was actually an awesome workout. 3 x [200 swim (:15)/200 kick (:10)] + 3 x [200 pull (:20)/4 x 50 all out (:20)] + cool down 100 yds. By the time I got to that last 50 all out I was TIRED. 2500 yds/48:10

Jen and I texted a few times throughout the day about the weather and decided that “f-it we’re going” even when it started to sprinkle around 4:00 pm. I raced home from work took the dog for a 25 minute walk, stuff the bike in the car and headed to Jen’s. It was gray and the skies looked threatening but no rain (yet). We headed out on the trail and just cruised along and chatted. I honestly love these rides because having a riding partner makes the miles fly by. We definitely got out speed up along the way but since it is a trail and there is a section through a neighborhood, there were several times when we had to slow way down and sometimes stop. Regardless it was a great ride. On the way back into town, we saw Marya and J, I saw a woman from my weights class (that I haven’t been to in ages) and then we saw this guy who was pointing a camera at us. At first I was like WTF, then, I realized hey it’s Zach! He got some great photos too. All in all a great ride. 1:31/21 mi/14 MPH
Spotting Zach on the trail

Riding up the ramp
Posing for photo (I look like I'm 5 and Jen is stretching to be taller)
Gray ominous clouds
Being silly as I'm trying to clip in
Trying to smile and not fall over
Riding into the distance

Post ride, I borrowed a Garmin

Friday: Unscheduled Rest Day
I left work early, at 1pm to go get my hair done.  I was meeting Amy for happy hour at 4pm and we went back and forth about running prior to happy hour.  However, it was raining and I had just gotten my hair done so I said "screw it" I might make up a few miles on Monday but I have a race next weekend so we'll see how I feel.  Instead of running I had an awesome happy hour with Amy and Jen.

Saturday: Long Ride with Jen 
You know you have an awesome friend when they are willing to not only ride with you but also pick the route and pick you up.  This was a great ride.  Jen took me out to one of her "stand by" ironman training routes west of Portland.  We chatted away and enjoyed the beautiful rolling farmland scenery.  There were definitely some climbs and one scary decent (ironically not the one that she had warned me about).  It was so great to be on a new route with such variety and to have an awesome friend to ride with! Unlike last weekend, the rain held off!  We got to enjoy lots of spring wild flowers and lots of what we think is yellow mustard.
  Purrrty yellow mustard.
 Holding steady and strong.
Up and down hills, quick rest.

Another thing we saw lots of were BARNS! 
Jen and a barn...
Alisa and a barn

I can't say enough how nice it is to have a friends willing to do some of my training with me.  And let me just digress into how amazing Jen is as an athlete.  This was her farther ride since the IM in November and I'm pretty sure I got tired before she did.  She is seriously amazing.

We both ended the ride strong! Yay! 49 miles/3:34/13.7 AP
 And, we're DONE!  

Some notes to self:  Drink more water.  Ditch the gatorade (it made my tummy feel funny).  Eat more! I had a Cliff mojo bar cut into pieces and I ate all of that.  I also have a regular Cliff bar cut into pieces and I only ate half of that one.  I liked the mojo bar better than the straight Cliff bar however, it could have been the flavor of Cliff bar.  The mojo bar was peanut butter pretzel--delicious. Couple of fun facts, I was able to open/close my bento box and eat while riding.  I successfully grabbed my water twice and drank while riding (both times on flat areas).

Sunday: Long Run 
Let's preface this by a quick recap of the previous night.  It was The Architect's birthday, also known as Amy's husband.  Amy threw one hell of a party for him at her house complete with super tasty food and even tastier drinks.  Readers of this blog know that I go to bed ridiculously early but what you may or may not know is that I'm a one drink kinda girl (aka a cheap date).  Well, Amy's mojitos and homemade vanilla infused vodka were so tasty I had 3 maybe 4 drinks.  While that may not seem like a lot that is a TON for me. Let's just say, the party rocked, getting up to run this morning did not!

 Infused vodka's
 Food!  (all extremely tasty and since I know Amy is always worried people will go away hungry let's--Amy, I was STUFFED)
Happy Alisa
Birthday Cake with the hostess and birthday boy!

Okay so the run.  A few of us last night thought running in the morning would be a good idea.  We decided to meet downtown around 10:30-45ish.  Nice and late as to enjoy sleeping in.  Since Mr. Pi was helping a friend move and we are a one car household, I told the group I would run downtown and then do a short loop around the waterfront with them.  I woke up hungover and sore from my bike ride.  Awesome!  I downed some coffee and water and felt slightly better.

Soon enough it was time for me to run the 5-6 miles to downtown and meet up with the group.  I took off and immediately decided to walk up the first hill.  I needed a bit of a warmup and I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to barf.  I walked slowly up the first hill and then got into a bit of groove.  I suffered through the rolling hills of terwilliger pretty well actually.  However, by the time I got to the waterfront I wasn't feeling great.

Lisa, Sarah and I took off around the bridge loop and just went at a leisurely pace and stopped for a photo op and for a rest break.
Me, Lisa and Sarah on the Steel Bridge

I survived the 8.3 miles only because they were there to help!  Thanks girls!  8.35 miles/1:35/11:23

To recap the whole week...I got through this week because I have the most awesome husband and friends in the world.  I am so lucky to have you guys.  

Mr. Pi:  Thank you Mr. Pi for putting up with my going to bed at 9:00 pm, hanging my wetsuit and bathing suits in the bathroom.  I am so lucky to have someone who motivates me to be a better athlete and who is so supportive and loving.

Jen:  Thank you for being my biking partner this week--I couldn't have done those rides without ya.  Also, thanks for getting me to the track and to yoga, both have been great mentally and physically.  

Amy:  Thank you for for being an awesome, supportive training partner---for knowing when to tell me to get my act together and when to give in to saying "screw running let's go to happy hour."

Sarah/Lisa:  You guys got me through my long run this week, thanks bunches. 

I honestly have so many positive, supportive and caring friends/family in my life.  I am really lucky!

Weekly totals:
Bike: 84 miles (70 outdoor miles + 1 trainer ride) = 6:04
Swim: 6300 yards (1 OWS 1800 yds) = 2:03
Run: 14:45 miles = 2:37

Total Time: 10 hours and 44 minutes (+ 1:15 yin yoga)