Friday, May 21, 2010

Barb's Race Training Week #10 Part I

Since I know I have a big weekend ahead with my timed OWS (with Amy and Kristen) and another hilly long ride out at Hagg Lake I thought I’d do the week recap now and save a whole post just for the weekend. Exciting, I know!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3ish mi Run + 1:15 Yin Yoga
Amy, Jen, Deana and were meeting up at Jen’s. Amy and I arrived and text Jen and we didn’t get any response, weird! We saw Deana stroll by on her bike about 10 minutes later but she went by too fast for us to say anything to her. At that point, we were going to be cutting our run short already to make it to yoga on time. Since we hadn’t heard from Jen, I thought maybe she wasn’t going to run after all. I texted her to let her know we were going to take off. Amy and I started down the road toward the waterfront loop and got to the intersection where there are train tracks and, crap, there was already a train! It wasn’t just a small train either. So we turned back and decided to run through the neighborhood of NW. Basically this means there is no way we’d see Jen and Deana if they were running since we were in uncharted territory. We also had no Garmin or stopwatch so we were guesstimating pace and distance. Anyway, we went up enough blocks to a point where we thought we had been running about 1.5 miles-ish and turned around. Then, not three blocks later we saw Deana and Jen. Awesome! They’d seen the train and did the same thing we decided to do. We ran the rest of the way with them. Jen says they were going about 9:44 on their first mile and about 9:57 on their second mile and 10:00ish on their third mile---we joined somewhere in the middle.

After running, Amy, Jen and I headed up to Yoga Pearl for a Yin yoga class. If you read Jen’s blog she’s getting to be quite the yogi. I go through fits and starts with yoga but with all the tri training some deeper/more dedicated stretching and frankly, some zen-ness is welcomed. Anyway, I had no idea what to expect from this class. Within the first couple of minutes, I actually thought I might bail. It was apparent right away that this was going to be more of a meditation/stretching class than an active yoga (aka get sweaty) class. Those that have been to yoga with me know that “final savasana” during most yoga classes is when I bail. I just can’t lie there and be still. Even after the “voicing of the breath into sound” (which I have to say I held back my laughter) I decided to stick it out. Let’s just say I’m so glad that I did. I haven’t felt that relaxed and devoid of thoughts in a really long time! I will be back for Yin next week and instead of fighting back laughter, I’ll be belting out my “ohmmmms.”

Wednesday: AM 1:15 Trainer Ride/PM OWS at Klineline
Wednesday morning I forced myself out of bed. The weather forecast was RAIN, RAIN and some hail. However, it was actually a nice morning and I wished that I had ridden outside, oh well. I got through 1:15 on the trainer watching Netflix instant play. I concentrated on 3 minute intervals. 3 minutes of “steep climbing” aka my bikes hardest gear and then 3 minutes of fast speed (big chain ring in the front gears and about mid-gearing in the back). I did some abs after, showered and went to work.

Post-work, Amy and I trekked back out to Klineline in Vancouver. It was super duper windy and really quite cold. The rain was coming in fits and starts. I convinced Amy that maybe the water would feel warm since it was wet and windy outside. We got there and braved the pond. I swam one loop around while Amy acclimated. Loop #2 we did together with another woman and Amy was a spectacular swimmer fish! Loop #3 I tried to push my pace a little but still kept it pretty comfortable. In total, 3 loops, approximately 1800 yards. (PS We were right, the worst part of the whole adventure was getting OUT of the water—brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

Thursday: AM Swim/PM 1:30 Trainer Ride + 2 mi Brick
Thursday morning, I slowly dragged myself out of bed and hit the pool. I didn’t quite make it all the way through my endurance workout in the Book but almost. 2600 yards I’ll take it. (The total workout was supposed to be 2850.)

Again, the weather was schizo and really quite chilly! Does Mother Nature know it’s freakin’ May?! I debated all afternoon whether I wanted to brave getting caught in a downpour or if I wanted to ride the trainer—yet again. As I was leaving work it was HAILING and I saw this:

and this...
Seriously, darkest clouds EVER!

Trainer it is. When I got home it had briefly stopped raining so I took the dog for a walk since it was my night and I knew I didn’t want to take her on my brick run.  It was chilly, the high yesterday was something like 49 or 50.  I was glad I had decided to ride the trainer.

I popped in a movie. I actually find watching documentaries or movies about sports/food especially motivating on the trainer. On Wednesday morning I watched some of Blue Planet which is an awesome series about the ocean, last night I watched Supersize Me. Let’s just say, watching that movie while exercising is like the only way to get through it. The movie was definitely interesting, if you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth watching. My 1:30 on the trainer flew by. I kept it on the big chain in the front (aka the hard chain) and again did ladder intervals (where I went through all the gears 3 minutes each) but this time I kept my cadence steady through the hard gears (instead of trying to sprint the hard gears) until I got to the hardest gear, then I’d sprint for one minute of the 3 minute segment, then I went back down the ladder to the easiest gear 3 minutes on each gear.

Immediately after my ride, I changed shoes, grabbed a long sleeve, my Garmin and headed out the door. Luckily, it wasn’t raining but the sky was still SUPER dark. I actually thought I’d get soaked. Maybe that was motivation or maybe I just felt good but I was flying on my brick. My legs didn’t even feel heavy at all. My first mile clocked in at 9:45 (not fast by most of your standards but that’s FAST for me). I was so happy with my 2 mile brick at the end I took a really blurry picture of Garmin:

That's right 10:10 avg for my brick!  Mile 2 was definitely slower but it also had a hill.

When I got home I felt just a little badass, it was great. What was also great was I didn’t get soaked. However, not more than 5 minutes after getting home it POURED. I tried to get a picture but this doesn’t even come close. I’ve never seen rain like that. What’s weird, is that the sky was actually brighter and the sun was shining a little in the distance when it POURED.

This is why things stay green up here, right?

Well, that’s all I got. It’s gray and rainy out today--AGAIN. BLAH! I’ve got a run scheduled for later this afternoon, I hope the weather clears. I might try to get to a yoga class tonight too but we’ll see how I’m feeling.

Happy Friday!