Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Things

I was going to say 3 Things Thursday but I think it's going to be more like 6 things Thursday.

1.  Last night was a bit of a cluster as I had to run a couple of errands for work and got stuck in horrendous traffic.  The weather was terrible, it was hailing and pouring rain, which caused a couple of accidents on the roads further backing up traffic.  At this point, the running gods were really telling me not to do my track workout.  Instead of calling it a day with my awesome morning swim, I headed to the treadmill and busted out the best speed workout I've had in a really long time.
1 mi warmup 6 x .25 (.10 recovery) 1 mi cooldown.  I did the first 3 .25's at 9:30 pace and the last 3 at 9:10ish. It was awesome!

2.  Tonight is Girls on the Run.  I'm both excited and a little nervous.

3.  This weekend is the Eugene marathon that I'll be once again spectating.  I am so excited!  I love spectating.  One of my signs even made the internet (thanks Maritza for sending me this link)--check out #11:  I have to figure out where I plan to be on the course.  Probably similar spots to last year.  For those running Eugene I'll be sending an email with a rough idea of where I'll be located.

4.  A co-worker yesterday told me my arms look buff and my husband said I felt solid.  Guess all this tri training and healthy eating is paying off.

5.  Sweet potatoes are delicious.  I just really love them.  I made a baked one last night and can't wait to eat the other half at lunch today.  I don't like the orange kind only the white ones. Mmmmmmmmm!

6.  I have re-discovered Pandora.  I don't usually listen to music at work but I created a new "mellow" station that I have been really digging lately.  Lots of Norah Jones and a bunch of mellow people I've never heard of but am liking--it's helping to keep me calm through what has been storm after storm at work lately.