Monday, April 26, 2010

Barb's Race Training Week #6 + Cali Trip + Marathon Spectating

Dismal week of swimming and actually not that great running either but the runs I did get in were quality at least.  Biking was the breakout star of the week.  I am really starting to feel strong on the bike.  My long ride of the week I did on Saturday and I had company for part of it from my bestie Kristen, as I was down in Cali for the weekend.  I felt strong and at the end of 41 miles definitely felt like I could have kept going!

Mr Pi and I were down in Cali for the Big Sur Marathon.  Mr. Pi kicked serious butt with a time of 3:19:55--yeah, he's fast! 

Onto my week of training recap and the short and sweet spectator report.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.5 treadmill run + 30 minutes of weights at the gym

Run was good.  Did another RunningLaur workout.  10 minute warmup and cooldown with 4 x 2 min sprint (2 min recovery) and 6 x 1 min sprint (1 min recovery).  Felt good though I think I have finally become a treadmill hater.

Line for the pool was 4 people deep so I did extra abs and called it a day.

Wednesday: 2500 yds Endurance workout #5 in the book + 45 minute spin

Uneventful spin.  Great swim then a lovely evening walk with the doggie.  Lovely, other than dropping my key somewhere along the route and having to go to the office for a key replacement (3 times, since the first two keys they gave me didn't work).

Thursday: Awesome Double Brick workout

25 minutes on the trainer, 3 minutes in zone 3, 1 minute in zone 2.
1.5 Brick Run with Zoey, avg 11:03
35 minutes on the train, 2 minutes in zone 3, 2 minutes in zone 1, 5 minute all out sprint
1.5 Brick Run with Zoey, avg 10:30

I will definitely be doing that workout again.  It was awesome and I felt sooooo strong.

Friday: Unplanned rest day (i.e. Long a$$ drive to Cali)

Saturday: 41 mile ride in Sacramento

Left the house early, 6:30 am and rode to the bike trail.  Kristen met up with me around 7:30 and we rode together for about 20 miles.  We chatted and in general made the miles fly by.  She took off for a swim at the gym and I continued on.  I hammered the last few miles solo and told myself I wasn't going to let speed drop below 16 MPH.  My butt was on FIRE when I finished but I increased my overall avg by .2 in the last 7 miles.  41 miles/2:47/14.7 avg
Sunday: Short and sweet 6 miler along the beautiful California coast

Kicking myself that I didn't bring the camera!!!!!  What was I thinking?!?!  It was a great run with Tara (also in town spectating Big Sur) and E, who was a gracious host for Mr. Pi and I.  Bummer no pics.  Anyway, it was an easy run (for Tara) and definitely pushed me a little quicker than I would normally go on my own. 6 miles/10:45 avg

BIG SUR Marathon Spectator Report

Mr. Pi and I had a great dinner with RoadBunner, Aron and their friend Jessica.  It was weird to be eating a sandwich when everyone else was downing pasta!

E made Mr. Pi and I a yummy dessert which I happily partook in since heck, I wasn't running a marathon!

We crashed early since the alarm was set for 3:00 am!  That's right 3:00 am!  I dropped Mr. Pi around 3:45 am at the buses in downtown Monterey and headed back to bed for about an hour and a half.  On the way back to E's pad, I saw a bunch of dear along the side of the road, it was kinda scary I didn't want them darting out in the road.

Anyway, after about an hour and a half of sleep I got up and had a wonderful catch up session with E.  Tara showed up around 7:15 and we all took off for a run.  Like I said, I am sooooo bummed I didn't have my camera, it was a gorgeous run along Pebble Beach and the famous 17 mile drive.  Ahhhhh that's the life.

After the run, Tara and I headed to the finish line.  We both had a little bit of "race envy" watching.  I know after hearing about the course I've decided to put Big Sur half on the list of to-do's.

Not long after we arrived at the finish line, Mr. Pi came bounding by.  He is amazing.  PR'ing at a course like Big Sur.  Sometimes I wish I had his legs (minus the hair).  His official finish time was 3:19:55.  (If you were wondering Nik and Dan, he kicked Dean Karnzese butt.  Dean finished in 4:0X.)

Not long after Mr. Pi finished Aron came along.  Sadly we didn't get to see RoadBunner's 40 minute course PR finish since we had to hit the road and start out on a long drive to Mr. & Mrs. Pi Senior's house.

GREAT finishes all around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some race photos:
Thumbs up, lookin' strong.
 Picture he took along the course.  SO PRETTY!!!

Bixby Bridge.
Racing to the finish line.  He had just given a double fist in the air but I totally missed it.  Ooops!
Someone added a .2 at the end of the mileage for Big Sur.