Sunday, April 18, 2010

Barb’s Race Training Week #5 + Weekend Trip

I felt much more on track this week.  I did skip a swim (my tri club swim since we were out of town) and one run mostly due to work issues.  Mr. Pi and I capped off the week with an awesome weekend trip to Bend.  I’d never been and he hadn’t been since his childhood.

Totals for the week were a bit lower than I’d like but still decent, here’s the recap—lots of pictures from our trip at the end.
Monday: Rest
Tuesday:  Run with Amy
It had been FOREVER since I got to Tuesday run with my running partner but we finally got out there this week.  We did a RunningLaur workout of 10 min warmup and cooldown with 6 X 1 minute pickups (3 minute recovery).  I was aiming to do the pickups at a 10:00ish pace but our pickups were as follows: 8:57, 9:08, 9:45, 9:03, 9:12.  The problem with our doing these quicker than anticipated is that we had to walk some of the 3 minute recoveries.  Next time we’ll be aiming for 9:30-ish which will be challenging but hopefully won’t get us to the breathless state.
Wednesday: Swim, 1.5 hour Spin + 2 mi Brick run
Swim was uneventful.  I haven’t been able to do a full workout from the book yet due to time and/or being sick.  Next week it’s on!
Spin was good.  I got to class early and stayed after to get in a full 1.5 hours.  I did a quick transition and headed out on my brick.  When I first started I looked down and saw 11:30 pace and thought “this is going to be tough” but after a little warm up I felt great.  I saw Jen and Zach and my pace quickened after seeing them.  I met up with Marya and her hubby for a few minutes then headed back to the car.  All in all, a great brick run. 2 miles/9:35 avg pace!
Thursday: Weights AM, Spin AM, Swim PM
Spin after weights is always brutal but it was even more so since the instructor for both was Chrisanthe.  I love her but my body sometimes hates her (in a good way).
My swim was pretty terrible and it was just a matter of getting through the yards.  I did 3 long sets of 500’s and then some quick 100 builds.
Friday: Rest
Unplanned rest day due to lots of work stress/emotionally drained from a rough Thursday night.  ‘Nuf said.
Instead when we got to Bend, we carbo-loaded at Bend Brewing.

Saturday: BEST BIKE RIDE EVER (35 miles with Mr. Pi in the Deschutes forest at elevation 4500 ish)
I did not want to go on this ride.  I wanted to sleep the day away in our hotel room but man am I glad that we didn’t!  We set out toward the Deschutes State Forest area but couldn’t find the right parking lot for the start of the ride I found online.  Instead we ended up on some dirt trail that lead us to this:

We couldn’t resist a few pictures. 
We improvised and ended up parking down some random road.  The ride said it was 39.3 miles with some rolling hills but nothing too crazy.  The loop we did ended up being 35.1 miles and the hills were mild but good practice for rollers.  
 Happy Smiles
Mt Bachelor
I started out tired and wondering if I was going to make it the whole way but somewhere along S. Century Road I found my cycling legs.  We were going at speeds of 18-20 MPH and the perceived effort level was maybe a 2!  I don’t know if it’s that I found the right gear to be riding in or if that my Gu kicked in but we were both feeling GREAT.  Our average went from 14 to 16.6 until we turned onto the last road and encountered a nasty headwind that dropped our average to 16.2.  Still, this was by far the best ride I’ve had to date and really boosted my confidence!
 All done!
 Racking the bikes after a great ride. 
On the way back into town we made a detour to the house Mr. Pi's grandparents had built and that he had visited as a child.  It was a really cool round house right on the river.

Sunday: AM Run with Zoey
Mr. Pi had 12 miles on his schedule and I went back to a baby long run this week of 6 miles.  We took our dog with us to Bend and I was going to take her with me for the first couple of miles then drop her back at the hotel.  Well, I ended up taking her the whole 6 miles with me and we just went slow and made it a walk/run.  I had looked up a bunch of running trails but the website wasn’t that helpful on where to start so Mr. Pi, Zoey and I just headed out from the hotel.  We parted ways early on as Mr. Pi is much speedier and had farther to go.  Zoey and I ventured on Mt. Washington Blvd which essentially went uphill at a decent grade for about 2 ish miles.  When we made it to the top we were treated to absolutely stunning 360 views.  I’m bummed that my iPhone ran out of batteries for photos.  
Week #5 is in the bag.