Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunshine makes everything better

Some of you may have already seen/heard about some of this on facebook already BUT let’s just say I had an awesome week. My running mojo isn’t really back, in fact, I really didn’t want to run at all this week---I was having a much better time biking, swimming, zumba’ing, lifting and yoga’ing. I think I’ve decided running is my least favorite activity b/c it’s the most challenging for me. I wouldn’t say that I’m a fast or even good cyclist but it’s still new and exciting. I’m not a super fast swimmer either but I’m comfortable in the water and feel that on most days I could swim forever. I’m both excited and scared that I have a running race this weekend. Excited because I hope it will motivate my running going forward, scared because I haven’t run a 5k since 2005 and I’m scared that it will be SLOW. I’ll post my goals for this race later this week. (Any awesome new running songs, leave ‘em in the comments, I’m putting together my playlist.)
In the meantime, let’s re-count my awesome week.

12.5 hours
Biking: 41 miles (10 mi trainer ride + 31 mi Saturday ride)
Running: pathetic 17 miles (5 mi speedy with Jen and Amy, 4 mi slowish run commute, 8 mi long run in FP, started off really slow but ended up with a negative spilt!)
Swimming: 6650 yards (3.77 miles)
1 yoga, 1 zumba, 1 weights class

The highlight of the week for me was our Saturday ride. We went out to Sauvie Island after swimming and it was gloriously sunny. We kept the first 12 miles pretty easy as we had someone with a mountain bike with us. After 12 we were around 13 MPH avg. We kicked up the speed and were consistently riding above 15 MPH and by mile 20 our avg was up to 14 MPH. From miles 21 – 31 we started talking about Lance Armstrong and I swear we were riding at 18 MPH or higher. By the end our avg was 14.36—definitely the fastest ride of that distance yet. I think it helped that we were on a road without stop lights or crossings which meant we didn’t have to slow down or stop very often. All the NW mountains were out in full force. We had stunning views of Mt. Hood, Mt. St Helens, Mt. Adams and the tippy top of Mt. Rainer (some X miles away near Seattle). Pictures below.
The Sunday run was a struggle. I didn’t want to run---I just wanted to bask in the glory of my Saturday ride. However, I got up and ran in forest park. Forest park is lovely and quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Portland to run. Not only is the park beautiful but there are always plenty of speedy runners around to motivate me. (Remember, we have some Nike runners in the area.) The first mile was ridiculously slow, like 12:45, that’s running not walking! However, after two miles (mile two was also a 12 minute mile) my legs warmed up-thank goodness. The next two miles were all in the 11 range. We hit mile 4 and took a short break to stretch. Since we were negative splitting at the halfway point I was motivated to try to keep that up—we did! Our last mile was our fastest at 8:55 (disclaimer---it is downhill). Anyway, what I thought was going to be a disastrous run turned into 8 miles at around 11:30---not speedy by any means but also not horrible.

I capped off my workout week with some well deserved Blackberry Banana Pancakes at Isabel’s with awesome friends. (No pictures of the pancakes or breakfast in general, I think I was too hungry to stop for photos.)
Sauvie Island Bike Ride--in gloriously sunny weather.
The bikes.The Pi FamilyOur friend P--who did great on his mt bike. He hates this picture but doesn't read this blog so muhahaha =).Pretty farmland.He didn't want his picture taken. Though this could also be the face of smelling the cows!Mt. St Helens is to the left in the distance. This pic doesn't do the view justice at all!