Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Set back? Step back?

I had an awesome week last week and I was feeling strong and ready for another great week when…dun, dun, dun…a sore throat struck on Monday by Tuesday afternoon I was starting to get stuffy and low energy. Today (Wednesday), it’s full blown head cold! I absolutely hate being sick! I know I’m only in week 3 of training but it still annoys me that I’m sick. I’m downing water and tea and basically playing my workouts by ear. I skipped weights yesterday morning in favor of sleeping in, since weights isn’t an essential workout I think I made a smart choice. I did run 4 miles after work though I canceled on Kathy (sorry chica, we will meet up soon!). I ran an incredibly slow 4 miles with the dog, granted I didn’t stop the watch when she needed to go to the bathroom but I think the overall pace was 12:15 or something. I’m glad I went—thanks to Mr. Pi for convincing me to go. I have a feeling I’ll be skipping at least one essential workout this week though if I continue to feel like I do now. Most tri plans go in meso-cycles where every 4 weeks is a step back week; guess my step back week is coming a week early. I have a big weekend ahead that I’m really looking forward to. We’re heading down to CA on Friday. I have an awesome ride scheduled with Sarah (thanks for organizing) and a 5k with my sister-in-law on Sunday.


Anyone have tips on working out when sick? When do you know you should suck it up and go and when do you call it a rest day?