Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post 200!

Who knew I’d stick with blogging this long. I can’t believe I trained for and completed my first marathon without the support of this awesome online community—what was I thinking?!?!

Well, similar to post #100 (found here – ironically posted on 3/26/2009 almost one year ago), I’ll be posting another list of exciting facts about yours truly. (Thanks to Aron and Jen for letting me steal your idea for milestone posts.) Here we go in groups of 10:

10 fun races I’ve done (in no particular order):
1. Nike Women’s HM
2. Healdsburg HM (probably the most scenic race I’ve done)
3. San Diego RnR Marathon (twice but 2008 specifically b/c it was my first marathon)
4. Davis, CA 5k Turkey Trot (my first race, way back in 2002)
5. Bay to Breakers
6. Ras na hEireann (I did the Boston version)
7. Race for the Roses HM (weather was perfect and I had a great pacer)
8. Gobble, Gobble, Gobble 4 miler (not b/c there is anything particularly special about the course but b/c it was the first race I ever remember seeing someone dressed in a full turkey suit)
9. Ambitious Aspirations 2010 Turkey Trot (mostly b/c this was the “race” that made Andrew and Lisa pick up running and now they are signed up for their first half marathon!)
10. Apple Harvest Ramble 10 miler (It certainly wasn’t fun at the time but this is the race that taught me humility and also gave me the drive to train for and run longer distances. Sometime I’ll have to share the story of this race---remind me.)

10 races/events I want to do (in no particular order):
1. A century ride
2. Goofy Challenge in Disneyworld
3. CIM (it’s my hometown mary, at some point I gotta do this one)
4. One of those crazy multi-day relay events
5. Big Sur (half marathon)
6. An Anchorman Tri (you get to jump off a boat to start—how cool is that!?!)
7. Any wine country race I can find
8. Bay to Breakers (again! The first time I was in college and ran with my Dad. I had no idea it was more of a party than a race.)
9. An ironman (?????maybe)
10. An international marathon

10 things I never thought I would EVER do/have:
1. Run a marathon (run two marathons…run three marathons…and potentially want to do another one)
2. Move to Oregon
3. Get married before 30 (so glad I found Mr. Pi—he is by far the best man I could have found for myself—love you honey)
4. Ride my bike down a hill without braking (I am still working on this but as I become more of a cyclist, I’ve learned the more speed you can get going downhill the less you have to pedal UP the next hill)
5. Marry into a large family and totally LOVE it, in all its chaotic glory! (I’m an only child.)
6. Start a blog
7. Meet friends online (Almost all of my friends in Portland I met through this blog—you guys are the best)
8. Have a job that dealt with health care issues
9. Have more than two email accounts (I have 6 total but really only use 3)
10. Get recognized at a race by a “stranger” aka a blogger (Mel-2nd Chances, this honor goes to you, you tracked me down at Nike)

10 foods I don’t like:
1. Mayo (YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
2. Meatloaf (except for the bacon wrapped version Mr. Pi made)
3. Fruit flavored Gu (not sure if Gu is a food ?!)
4. Overripe bananas (and by overripe I mean any that aren’t green)
5. Cashews
6. Watermelon (and watermelon flavored stuff)
7. Fig Newtons
8. Fritos
9. Okra
10. Prunes

10…actually 17 bloggers I’ve met, I sincerely hope I didn’t leave anyone out (not including ones from Portland):
Mel-2nd chances
Nik & Dan
Sarah J

Sorry some of these are so small!

10 of my favorite exercise accessories:
1. Nike Capris
2. Nike Tempo Track Shorts
3. Running Skirts from (I haven’t tried other brands)
4. Nike waterproof jacket
5. Sugoi Compression tights
6. Garmin (most days, LOL)
7. Bike shorts (they make a world of difference)
8. Chamois Butter (if you’ve never used it—try it)
9. Pool Buoy and paddles
10. Saucony ProGrid Rides (in PINK)

10 of my favorite websites (not including all of your wonderful blogsites of course): (this is the Portland specific link) (yes, I’m a little obsessed even though I know 10 months of the year here I see rain drops and/or clouds)

10 pictures from races:

10 pictures of Zoey:
Choosing her from the litter


Her first camping trip, it made her sleepy!
More sleepy!
Tornado Zoey!
Our nephew made sure she was nice a comfy for a nap.
Zoey made sure I was nice and snuggly for a nap.
Exploring leaves.

Getting bigger.
Ready for her treat.

10 pictures of Mr. Pi and I:
Sydney in 2004

Sorry it's blurry! Xmas 2005.
Frog pond Boston Commons 2005
Niagara Falls 2006
Engagement Weekend Maine 2006
Wedding Rehearsal 2007
Camping Summer 2007
First Marathon San Diego 2008
Weekend of Second Marathon Arizona 2009
Hawaii 2009