Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's only 3 miles...

I keep telling myself this for Sunday’s 5k. I haven’t run anything less than a half marathon in a really long time. (I don’t count triathlon 5k’s.) I’m nervous, which is something I haven’t felt in awhile. I’m not nervous about the distance, I’m nervous about speed. On long races, I do usually have a pace/time goal but if I have a bad mile or two it’s not a big deal over the course of 13 or 26 miles. In a race of only 3.1 miles, I’m going to need to find my legs within the first quarter mile and make them speedy. The course has one mile of flat, one mile of uphill and the last mile is flat/slightly downhill. I really want that PR. So, what’s it gonna take to PR?

My goals:
-Minimum to come in under 30 minutes, a 9:40 pace
-Beat my current PR (29:29) which is exactly a 9:30 pace accordingly to RW pace chart
-Anything better than 29:29 is cake!

I’m going back and forth about wearing my Garmin. Sometimes I feel like I run faster when I’m not constantly looking at it but then again, it might motivate me to pick it up if I’m dragging. Maybe I’ll wear it but vow not to look at it unless I’m really struggling with the pace and need to know if I’m draggin’ or haulin.’ Thoughts on Garmin vs. no Garmin?

Also, music. I’m definitely going to need some ghetto-fabu-lous tunes that will keep me going for a minimum of 29 minutes and 28 seconds, maybe less. So far I have on the MUST PLAY list:

AC/DC Thunderstruck
Lady Gaga Bad Romance
Something from MJ—either Smooth Criminal or Wanna be startin’ somethin’
Something Timbaland—loving Ease off the Liquor, Morning After Dark and don’t laugh, but kinda love We Belong to the Music with Miley

At minute 26, (don’t laugh) this will start playing:

The version I have on my ipod is approximately 4:XX minutes long, so I know I have to finish BEFORE the song is over.

As with most races, I've been constantly looking at I figure the weather can't be any WORSE than last year (it was raining sideways with hurricane wind). While my ideal conditions would be 60+ and sunny, that'd be hard to find this time of year here, I will certainly settle for:

Mar 14

0% precipitation

That last thing is key--0% rain. I can deal with a little drizzle but I really HATE running in the rain!

I know there are several other races going on this weekend---good luck to all those racing!


  1. you will rock the 5k! It is only 3 miles :) Fingers crossed for no rain!!

  2. Please girl, your gonna KILL it!

    Can't wait for you.

    Garmin vs. no Garmin: My best race ever I wore my garmin, but I had it on the wrong screen so I could only see my pace when the auto lap (set at each mile) went off and told me what that last mile was....I seriously think not watching the garmin got me that killer time. Food for though.

    p.s. that was not my intention, but I didn't realize it was on the wrong screen (actually it was set to mph pace rather than timed pace) and obviously I couldn't fix it during so I just went with it. It payed off.

  3. The weather report is promising for Sunday, especially compared to last year. You'll do great, have faith.

    I'm doing the 15K and I am also hoping to PR; the course is tough but I know what I'm getting into on Terwilliger.

    Good luck!

  4. 5Ks stress me out and all I care about is coming in at 30mins plus or minus 20 seconds or so.

  5. I was really glad to see the weather is going to be perfect for your race this weekend! (and my long run,hehe)

    You're going to do fine just go out fast (that can't technically be good advice!) and just gut it out. It'll be over soooo quick just push! You're going to kill it!! You KNOW you can run that fast or faster.. We just did a couple weeks ago! With your playlist and the weather and your determination (not to mention a liitle help from a few thousand of your fellow runners) you're going to rock it. :) can't wait to see you finish!!

  6. I agree with Jen's technical advice - little time to warm up. Go out fast and hang on. It doesn't really work for any distance other than a 5K (though I've tried it in a marathon which is NOT a good idea).

    You've got a great playlist going there and you're out there doing it. GO GO GO!

    PS makes me laugh that you live where you live and don't like rain...

  7. You are going to do awesome! I ran my last race without a Garmin and it was kind of nice without looking at it the whole time. However, when I wanted to know how much longer, it was missed. Good luck this weekend!

  8. Wear the Garmin. If you want to PR and REALLY push yourself, you'll need to know where you are.

    That being said, PUSH it. I know from your posts recently that you want to PR, that you want to be a faster runner and up your paces. So no excuses, babe, go out there and GIT 'ER DONE!!! Race like the wind! Remember when you are tired and want to slow down that it's ONLY 3 miles, just as you said. No quitting. You can do this!

    /end motivation, pump-you-up speech.

    Good luck, girl!

  9. Hey, Alisa!

    I vote for GARMIN! If you're trying to PR knowing vs. not knowing will motivate you to dig deep and run hard 'til you puke.

    I totally hear you on these 5K's. I don't do 5 or 10k's because 1)I can't justify paying to run those distances for fun anymore (Disney 5K's excluded) and 2) I HATE trying to push myself to run that fast! So major kudos to you for having the courage to race a 5K!

    I say try to find your zone the first mile, kick it up a bit the second, and run 'til you think you're going to have a heart attack the third.

    Good luck!!!

  10. I have no advice...but I know you are going to kick serious bootay on this 5K :)

  11. Good luck!!! you will kill it and wear the garmin. Push yourself and don't give up! At least it's not 26.2 miles!!!

  12. Good luck in the race! You're going to do such a great job! Don't worry about the weather - what happens, happens, and it's only a 5K so you won't be out there long! Just have fun and enjoy it!

  13. I'm beginning to think I like a regular sports watch and not a Garmin for races except I really like to see my splits. Good luck!

  14. have fun in the 5k. it's only 3.1 miles. you can push it for that long

    when I set my 5k pr i did not wear the garmin. i did end up finishing in 26 minutes flat, and still don't know how. i can't reproduce that time on the treadmill. ever.

  15. Garmin all the way!! At least I know I would need it. I think it would help you stay on track better.

    Umm, Gloria? I BUSTED out laughing but only because I would totally rock that song too. :)

    My current fav songs:

    Adam Lambert's "Here for your Entertainment"

    Lady Gaga "Telephone"

    Ke$sha "Blah, Blah, Blah"

    Fergie "Barracuda"

    Van Halen "Panama"

    You can TOTALLY get your PR this weekend!! Good luck!

  16. You can do it!!!
    I'd wear the Garmin and check periodically. Try to stay within 10-20 sec or so of goal pace for your first 2 miles, and then DROP THE HAMMER on mile 3 and totally kick 5k ass.

  17. GOOD LUCK! I hope you have no rain and get a PR!!

  18. Good luck! I haven't raced a 5K in awhile and I know it's tough doing the speedy route vs slow and steady but you know - there's a bit of a thrill in it, too! I'm kinda jealous. (Cuz I'm in NO shape to be racing anything) It's fun to actually have the energy to kick it at the end and start picking people off. Kick butt out there and I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  19. I remember running miles and two miles in track for high school my pr then was 6:36/mi.....I didn't go out fast with that I mean I tried to keep up but at a fast comfortable pace and then sprinted that last 1/4 mile....I personally will burn out if I go out fast but I really haven't run your kind of distances in a long time so I don't know I would just push yourself for all that's left the last 1/4 mile no matter where you are if your already towards last, it's not everyone else that matters its you. No matter what though your awesome for even running, it's so much easier to sit on the couch and look for exuses. Good luck you'll be awesome! Hope it works out for you guys to come for easter!!! but if not that's cool too. Looking forward to seeing you next!

  20. Good luck, Alisa! And 5Ks are totally intimidating, so your fears are valid. :-)

    I hope you have a great race, but even if you feel poopy after it, I will still think you're awesome!