Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calm before the storm...

Well, not really a “storm” but a new training schedule. Barb’s race training officially begins for me on Monday (ironically, a rest day but maybe a 15 min yoga day and definitely push up challenge day—I got to week 3 twice but both times fell off the wagon). I figure the first 4 weeks of my 20 week plan I’ll be working out the scheduling kinks and figuring out what works best. I think I’m already going to make a day swap (move Thursday’s training to Friday and vice versa).

This week I’ve been focusing on listening to my body. Last week was a pretty high volume week and since my weeks are about to start climbing in volume I’m using this as a “taper” week of sorts. Tapering to a new plan or tapering to my 5k—LOL! (Goal post to come.)

Yesterday, I sent Jen an email asking for some validation for taking another rest day. She sent me the best reply, with a bunch of bullet points about how rest days are sometimes necessary but the best line of the whole email was: “The only rule is: Don’t stress out about it! If you sit around all night feeling bad, then it’s a waste of a rest day. Commit to being lazy, and enjoy it!!!” So I did. I committed to being lazy and dangit, I totally enjoyed it.

Thanks to Mr. Pi for an awesome and yummy dinner and to Sarah (the non-existant blogger) for bringing Harry Potter movie 4!