Sunday, March 28, 2010

Barb's Race Training Week #2

Another full week of training and I’m feeling fantastic.  I’m going to do a backwards recap this week, starting with today (Sunday).
Sunday: 1.5 hour spin class
I can’t say enough great things about Alex’s spin classes.  This guy is freaking amazing.  Anyone that does an UltraMan is nuts.  I didn’t even know they made anything longer than an Ironman.  Lots of sweat in this class but I’m definitely starting to feel more comfortable on the bike (in spin and out on the roads).  If you’re a Portland peep looking for a good spin class with an awesome instructor, check him out at Soul Culture:  I also plugged him and spin class in general in my latest Examiner article (found here).
Saturday: 1.5 hour swim + 11ish mile run
Swimming was hard this week.  I lead my lane and felt kinda bad that I lapped one person. I guess I should man up and move up a lane or two.  Anyway, great swim!  ~2600ish yards --- hard for me to remember once I get home.
Mr. Pi and I took the rest of the morning/early afternoon to get some house stuff done and to relax.  We finally ventured out for our long run about 2pm.  It’s so unusual for me to run that late on the weekend that I forgot my Garmin and my headphones!  We made a quick stop at RiteAid on the way to the trail for headphones and Mr. Pi downloaded an iphone running app with GPS (iPhone LOVE).  Unfortunately, where we went neither his Garmin nor the iPhone app could lock satellite.  I went with the rough mile markers on the trail and went out farther than I’ve ever been on Springwater.  I went Greshman to Boring.  It was a great afternoon to be out on the trail, sunny and warm just the way I like it.  I’m approximately about 11 miles, could be 10.5 or 11.5.

Friday: 3.5 run
I love Friday’s for a number of reasons—the obvious one is that it’s the end of the work week.  Not so obvious is it’s NOT a double day.  This was a quick run on the Fanno Creek Trail before I met up with Mr. Pi and some other awesome friends for happy hour.  I knew I was running late so I cranked the tunes and told my legs to be speedy.  I finished with a 9:49 avg pace---I’ll take it.
Thursday: 1 hour weights class/2000 yd lunch swim/1 hour trainer ride
Have I mentioned Thursdays are exhausting?  Weights class was awesome, my friend Sarah re-joined the gym and met me at class.  Lunch swim was awesome.  Fast 2000 yds and I was back at my desk within an hour and 15 minutes.  Post-work trainer ride since the weather didn’t cooperate to ride outside.  I took the ride fairly easy but still managed ~14 miles.
Wednesday: 1 hour spin + 10 min brick run on treadmill/2000 yd swim
Spin class was okay, it was a new instructor and she played really weird music.  I swear I heard something by Craig Chaquico (he’s a guitarist my dad likes)—BARF!  I need music with words—if I can’t get my beloved hip hop, at least make it something I know or something with a good beat.  But she was tough, lots of climbing.  My brick run went well.  I just hopped on a treadmill after spin and did an easy 10 minutes.  Though I did get a foot cramp which I knew would come back to haunt me in the pool.
My swim was awful.  It took me 45 minutes to do my 2000 yard swim.  I had to stop for foot cramps every 5 minutes or so.  I had set out to do Endurance #3 in my Swim Workouts in a Binder book but ended up just making up a workout as I went along knowing that as soon as I hit 2000 yds I was going to be done.
Tuesday: 1 hour weights class/4.5 mile run with Jen
Weights class was okay.  I didn’t push it very hard since it wasn’t the normal instructor.  She did do a lot of abs, which I felt the next day, I definitely need to do more abs.
My run with Jen was great.  I never wear my watch when I run with her anymore, mostly b/c the signal by her apt isn’t great but also b/c I use these runs as tempo runs and she’ll slow me down or speed me up as necessary.  We did most of the run together though she tacked on an extra .5 in the middle to do her Pfitz strides which left me to run the middle section solo---hoping she wouldn’t catch up.  I kinda wish I had my watch b/c I bet I was running extra hard knowing that she was behind me chasing me down.  I beat her to the meeting spot and actually had to wait a minute or two—go me.  It was a great run with a great friend---thanks for running your easy runs with me and pushing me on my tempos Jen!
Monday: Rest
I rest like a champ!
All in all, it was an awesome week.
Total Time: ~ 11 hours 30 minutes