Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Dinner-YUM

Where to begin?

I guess I’ll start with an update on my stomach issues. I’ve been tracking with www.thedailyplate.com for one week and will continue to track this week too. I think my issues were coming from an unbalanced diet. Unbalanced diet coupled with stress. I’m sure my body will get back on track this week!

My workout week was kinda up and down. But at the end of the week, I got in:
27.2 miles of running
4700 yards of swimming
One pathetic trainer ride 1:15/~17 miles
2 hours of weights class

So I don’t bore you with the full recap I’ll just stick to the weekend recap of workouts and my awesome Valentine’s dinner with Mr. Pi.

Saturday I got up EARLY and headed to the opposite side of town for a swim workout with the tri club I joined. I haven’t been to a coached swim practice in ages so I had no idea what to expect. I opted for a lane in the middle of pool but was quickly moved to a faster lane. The workout was great and everyone was so nice. I’m really glad that I decided to join this group. I kinda lost count of yards but I do vividly remember the 3 x 300 pull (with alternating fast 100)—phew my arms were jello at the end of that set. I think we did about 2500-2600 in 1:30—which is slower than I normally swim on my own but we did a ton of drills and so awesome stretches in the middle of the workout. I really enjoyed myself!

When I got home I did 1:15/~17 miles on the trainer. I thought it was going to rain otherwise I would have ridden outside.

Sunday running group kinda disbanded for the week but I met up with Amy late morning for 12 miles on Sauvie Island. I thought it was going to be a miserable run in the rain but the rain held off and I actually ended up in short sleeves! I started out in my Zensah sleeves but got hot and rolled them down. Thanks to Kristen for my awesome Christmas present.
Sunday night was Valentine’s for the Pi household. We’re not huge celebrators of Valentine’s Day but we do have one tradition---we cook for each other every other year. This year was Mr. Pi’s year to cook for me, which meant I got to sit on the couch and be spoiled. Last year, I failed at taking pictures of the meal I made so this year I took lots…mmmmm…
The table. Yes, those are still the same flowers from 2 weeks ago!Champagne poured.Greek tomato salad--mmmmm!Pork medallions with apple and cream gravy---double mmmmm!Super tasty mashed root vegetables with bacon.Cheers to our 6th Valentine's Day dinner.And, who could forget dessert?!?! Every year we make a different trifle--this is raspberry, mocha trifle---delicious!!!!