Monday, February 8, 2010

Ups and Downs

I had an up and down week emotionally last week. It certainly made for some strong workouts but my eating habits suffered. This week I’m going to go back to tracking my food at and working on eating more intuitively instead of because it’s “time to eat” or “I’m bored.”

Monday: PM Trainer Ride and Pushup Challenge
I’ve already talked about this ride but just to reiterate it was awesome! 45 minutes/14 miles

Tuesday: PM Terwilliger run with Amy
I skipped weights class in favor of sleeping in but I had a great run with Amy on Terwilliger, maybe the fastest Terwilliger run yet. 4.2 mi/43:52/10:26 AP

Wednesday: AM Swim/PM Run
Great swim on Wednesday morning. It was one of those times I felt like I could go forever. 2700 yds/1:00:46

I did my 5 mile run solo on the treadmill Wednesday. I ran mostly at an easy pace but kicked up the pace a few times, I did a couple of 800’s at a 9:30-45 pace and one 1600 at 9:22. So a bit of a tempo run in the middle of the 5 but mostly easy. 5 mi/54:00/10:48 AP

Thursday: AM Weights
I skipped my Thursday trainer ride but weights class was great. I up’d my weight on the barbell and also used my medium-heavy hand weights pretty much the whole class. I can definitely tell I’m getting stronger.

Friday: Rest

Since I worked hard Monday and I got stuck at work until after 6:00 pm on Friday, I took the day off.

Saturday: AM 90 min Spin/4.5 mi Brick Run
I ventured out on Saturday morning to meet up with a local tri club. I’d received a ton of really nice emails and was excited to give their workout a try. I got there early and mingled a bit, found a bike and settled in for the 90 minute spin session. The group leader was amazing! So encouraging and really focused on finding your “zone.” He was a little cheesy but in a good way!

The run. I was told that there was going to be two groups, a 3 mile group and a 6 mile group. I opted for 3 since this was my first brick run in 6 months. I actually felt great. I hit the first two miles at about a 9:45/50 which is wayyyyy faster than my actual tri race running pace---there is hope that my running will improve. The group was mostly faster than me but there was one lady who I ran with for part of the time. She was amazing. 60 years old and totally kicking butt! At 2 miles we reached a track and were told one mile at the track. Okay, no problem. My mile was 10:01 and my average after three miles was about a 9:50—I was super proud of myself however, also wondering where the heck we were and how far it was to get back! I had only signed up for 3 miles. It was 1.5 miles to get back and they were a struggle since I wasn’t anticipating having to go any farther but I finished strong and feeling accomplished. I slowed down on the last 1.5 miles to a 10:30/40 (still faster than my tri race pace). I ended with about 10:15 avg and was the last person of the group to finish but I gotta tell ya, everyone was so nice, they all waited for me so that we could cross the final street together. I decided I am soooooo joining this group!

Sunday: AM Run
My legs were heavy and I was kinda hungover from Mr. Pi’s Beer School Party the day before but I got through 8.7 miles with Sarah. We walked some, we ran some, we chatted lots. Our Sunday group keeps growing which is awesome. I even saw a couple of my tri club friends from the day before out on the trail running. 8.7 miles/1:42/11:43 AP