Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tagged--6 random (really random) things

I haven't been tagged in awhile so thanks to AJH at Age Group Rocks for tagging me with the Goregous Blogger Award!

For the Gorgeous Blogger Award I'm supposed to list 6 things about myself. I'm going to see if I can make this 6 very random, hopefully not already discussed on this blog, things about me.

1. Right now I'm obsessed with soda water. I was getting sick of drinking plain water and discovered in the cafeteria at work I can get soda water out of the fountain along with plain water. Mmmmmm fizz!

2. I pack my workout/morning bag in the same order every night. I often, usually at least 3 times a week, get ready for work at the gym. Here is what my bag looks like, from bottom to top: Hair dryer and make up bag, shoes, pants, "unmentionables," top, jewelry bag. My shower shoes, hair brush, shampoo, etc are already in a pocket in my bag so I don't have to pack them every day.

3. I'm messy. I really wish I wasn't and I didn't use to be. I have piles of clothes in my closest, sometimes in the bathroom which annoys Mr. Pi rightfully so (reason #109759349573947 that when we buy a house, two bathrooms minimum!). My work desk is insanely overcrowded, which bothers me beyond belief but everytime I clean it up piles accumulate. My desk at home is my dumping ground for stuff when I come home from work. I keep hoping that when we have a house and more space, things won't be so clutter and items will have their places. I always love when people come over because it forces me to put everything away (of course, it just accumulates again).

4. At 3pm everyday, I want (sometimes NEED) sugar. It's the weirdest thing. I don't usually indulge my craving but it's almost always there. Only during the work week too.

5. I'm starting Toastmasters to work on my meeting facilitation and public speaking skills. I actually think I'm decent at giving presentations but I certainly could work on meeting facilitation (i.e. running a meeting).

6. I have four pages of apps on my iPhone but use maybe 4 apps regularly and the others just sit there.

I tag the following 6 tagged if you'd like to be and not if you don't.

PS Did my first lunch time swim today. Can't say it was the most relaxing lunch hour of my life but I busted out 2000 yds in 42 minutes and was back at my desk within an hour and 15 minutes of leaving it. (Hope you had a good swim too Runner Leana.)
PPS Weights class in the AM + lunch swim = TIRED arms.