Friday, February 5, 2010

Life After Barb's Race

It has been a WEEK. Bad news came on Monday which just furthers my thoughts about career contemplations. The news on Monday gave me motivation to have a booty busting trainer ride. I usually take Monday's off but I need an outlet so I rode my little heart out on the trainer and did some push ups! I've also been thinking a lot this week about the future in general, not just career-wise but also training-wise.

I haven’t even officially started my training plan for Barb’s race and my mind is already thinking ahead to August 1st, 2010 (i.e. the day after Barb’s race). I said I wouldn’t think about races until after Barb’s but here I am thinking away. (Wonder if I'm the only person with this "problem?") I’m not committing to anything until after Barb’s (unless any races are close to being full) but I have a few ideas. One is contingent on the Dunlap family vacation of 2011 and the others are all going to be based on my thoughts after Barb’s. Deep breath…here is what’s on the MAYBE list:

Foxy’s Fall Century Ride Davis, Ca—October 2010 (Kristen, my BFF, has done the shorter distances and is thinking about doing the century. If I’m not totally over cycling after Barb’s race I will consider this event. I know Mr. Pi wants to do a century this year. I also thought that maybe my Dad might consider biking one of the distances at this event.)

CIM Sacramento, Ca—December 2010 (There I said it. I am CONSIDERING another marathon. It’s my hometown marathon and everyone seems to love it so, it’s on the maybe list. Free place to stay, lots of family support and transportation to/from the race also help make this marathon one to seriously consider.)

Goofy Challenge Orlando, FL—January 2011 (Yup, as if one marathon wasn’t enough to consider. This is the race that’s contingent upon the Dunlap family vacation. If they go to Florida in January, Mr. Pi and I are doing Goofy. Holy cow, did I just say that I WANT to run a half marathon and a marathon all in one weekend? Oh yeah and I told any of the family members that I'd run the family 5k with them. So, 5k, 1/2 marathon and marathon in 3 days---am I CRAZY?!?! Probably.)

Do any of you get ahead of yourselves in planning races? How many of you have an “A” race but still plan other races after? Is it good to keep thinking ahead or distracting?