Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting through this week

I haven’t been so excited for a Friday in awhile. It was been quite the week at work, two 10 hour days back to back. I couldn’t force myself to get up for weights class either Tuesday or Thursday since my usual weights partner is sick—so weights was a MAJOR fail this week. I did manage 30 minutes at home last night during the Olympics but it’s not the same as crazyweights instructor C yelling to push out 10 more reps. I also skipped my Wednesday run to allow my huge foot blister a chance to heal up. I definitely think skipping the run helped—blister is feeling much better today despite two full days of being on my feet at work.

My stomach issues were better this week, thank goodness. I think it helped that I was really tracking my food closely and trying hard to be more balanced, instead of relying so much on carbs. Speaking of carbs, my wonderful Mr. Pi made the best bread yesterday, I should have taken a photo before I cut it! I gladly served myself a couple of slices of the rustic, crusty bread along with my salad and fried egg last night. Thanks honey!

I have 3 more weeks before I transition into my 20 week Barb’s Race training plan. I keep thinking it’s still so far away but really I need to start ramping up—mostly the biking. I think I’m going strong on the swimming and running front. I am really going to need to find creative ways to fit in midweek rides. I’m excited that the days are getting longer because biking in the dark is scary. I'm probably still going to be on the trainer for a little while longer for midweek rides so, anyone have good suggestions on trainer ride workouts? I have really been just pounding out time on the trainer without working on anything specific. I know a few people have mentioned intervals—what gear do you do intervals in?

On a totally unrelated last note, it has been a gorgeous week here in p-town. Sunny since Tuesday and warmish (I still think anything below 75 is chilly) but 58-60 in Oregon for February---I'll take it! I'm really looking forward to both my ride and run this weekend. Something about the sunshine makes everything seems just that much better.