Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting out of a Slump---ideas?!?!

Behind on blogs and posting---I have been getting through my backlogged reader but not commenting a whole lot---sorry guys. I even got tagged by AJH at Age Group Rocks, I’ll be posting the tag tomorrow.

Anyway, before I tell you about my weekend of workouts, I gotta pause and shout out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome running buddy Amy. Happy Birthday---hope you had a great trail run and bloody mary’s this morning!

Last week, I didn’t run as much, in fact my running has been lack luster lately, more on this in a minute but I did have a great bike ride and awesome swim.

Saturday, I went to the swim workout with my new tri club and found out they were going to do the second half of the workout as a swim meet. I haven’t dove off blocks or competed in any swim events (besides two tri swims) since high school! I signed up for pretty much every event they were going to be holding (which meant I was probably going to be doing a couple back to back). After a good warm up we started the “meet.” My goal was to not come in last in any of my heats---success! I won my heat of the 200 free, came in second in the 50 free (surprising since I did the 200 free and 50 free back-to-back). I was mid-pack in the backstroke (both the 100 and 200) and mid-pack in the 100 IM. I can't believe I did a whole 25 of fly without wanting to die. I usually just do one arm fly. I did two breast events, 100 and 50—these were my weakest events, second to last in both. Not that surprising since breast is my weakest stroke.

After swimming, I felt great! The sun was shining so I got on my bike for a ride. Mr. Pi, me and two other friends headed out on the Springwater Trail. It was a gorgeous day albeit a little cold and a LOT windy. One of our friends was on a mountain bike so we kept the pace easy on the way out, not to mention there was a headwind! On the way back our friend told us to just go on and he’d catch up. Definitely hit a negative spilt. First half avg 11.5 MPH, second half avg 16 MPH, total 25.5 miles/12.5 MPH. I’ll take it! Best thing about this ride, I felt like I could keep going and going and going. I’m loving that 25 miles is no biggy anymore. Wish I had taken pictures---sorry guys I suck.

Sunday was our long run. The group met out at the Banks-Vernonia Trail and again we were treated to beautiful sunny skies. However, like I said, I just haven’t been feeling my runs. It’s almost like my endurance has gotten worse not better. Every time I run I feel labored, tired and my legs feel so heavy! WTF?!?! I decided not to push it and turned out at 4 miles with Sarah. We had a leisurely run back to the parking lot followed by a riveting game of Apples to Apples with the other shorter distance runners. Amy, Mr. Pi and Jenn pulled in the long numbers for the week and all finished strong. I’m not going to stress out about running but I am somewhat annoyed about how I’ve been feeling. It’s like I’ve lost my motivation for running. I’ve also been really intimidated by hills, which is unfortunate because I work and live near hills. Hmmmm, how to get out of the slump!?!?

One idea to get out of the slump is to do a course preview. After reading all of Danica’s awesome posts on the LA Marathon, I was thinking of doing a course preview of my half marathon coming up in April. My best friend Kristen (who is taking the California Bar exam as I type) is coming up for this race and Penny was considering flying up too. I’ve run the race before so I kinda already know the course but I thought it’d be fun to show it off for Kristen (and anyone else considering running it). I definitely need something!

Another idea is to try to run at least one mile farther every month this year. I set the bar pretty low with January mileage 75.78 miles. This might be a fun and motivating goal.

Other ideas for getting out of a running slump...send them my way pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stats for last week:
Running: 16.8 miles--pathetic really
Biking: 32 miles (25.5 outside in the glorious sunshine)
Swimming: 3950 yards (an approximation, since I'm not sure how many yards I actually swam during the swim meet)
Weights: 30 minute circuit at home, no weights class