Friday, February 12, 2010

Awesome Tri Top & Muddy Run

Remember that post I did on things I covet? Well, I ended up ordering the Sugoi RSR Tri Top. I’ve worn it three times. The first time for a short 3 mile run (under two other layers) and it didn’t ride. The second time on a trainer ride and it didn’t ride. The third time for a 90 minute spin class followed by a brick run and it didn’t ride. Notice a theme, it didn’t ride! I think I have found my new tri/duathlon racing top. It’s LONG, it’s tight but not so tight that I feel like a sausage, and the pockets are awesome (there are two, one bike jersey style open pocket and one zipper pocket). The material is not slick like my other tri top but kinda dimple-y, if that makes any sense. I think the dimples help it not to ride on my slick shorts. Now is the time to start looking for new tri clothes for the upcoming season, if you need a new top I HIGHLY recommend the Sugoi RSR Tri Top! HUGE thumbs up for this top.

I really need to get some good pics with me in this top. I'll work on that.

In other news, I had a great run with Jen on Wednesday. I took a mental health day off from work, I needed it. Jen and I met up and headed to Forest Park. We ran at our own paces since she was doing 9 miles and I only wanted to do 6-7. I ended with...6.5 miles/1:09/10:42..and probably a pound of mud on my shoes and capris.

Jen got muddy too! And she was a crazy person in SHORTS!

Yay we're done.

The rest of the week has been ho-hum. I've been having really bad stomach cramps, not the once a month kind either. I've been tracking my food on and I think it might be what I'm eating. I'm going to work next week on tweaking my diet to see if that helps with my tummy issues.