Monday, January 25, 2010

Self Diagnosis

I can already tell it's going to be a crazy week workwise, not in a good way either! Case in point, I was at work at 6:30am and both computers I tried to load a presentation onto didn't work. Crises was averted by laptop #3 and someone from the IT department but still, who wants a crises at 6:30am?!?!

Anyway, last week was a decent workout week but I think the extra volume of workouts (most especially weights class) was starting to take a toll on my body. My legs felt heavy all week and I was starting to get this weird leg pain. Thankfully, the leg pain went away but then, I started to get the numb toe/stabbing toe pain thing again. I spent some time on WebMD and other medical websites and I think I've settled on a self diagnosis: MORTON'S NEUROMA. Sounds bad, doesn't it? One treatment is wide shoes. Guess, I'll be wearing my granny shoes this week and hoping for improvement. (Gazelle, just don't look at my feet this week.)

The big workout news for the week was that I finally got to ride OUTSIDE! Saturday morning Mr. Pi and I awoke to non-rainy, mostly sunny skies. We quickly packed up and hit the road for a ride out west of Portland. I only snapped one picture of the ride (below). It was a bit of struggle for me the first few miles, I felt like I was pumping my legs hard and not going anywhere. Halfway through I found my groove and really enjoyed myself. I can't wait for more outdoor riding!

Mr. Pi looking hardcore

Half way through the ride

Sunday, long run day was of course the exact opposite weather as Saturday--it was pouring. My run wasn't great but I finished. I ran with co-worker 2 (since now both of my co-workers run with me, I'll name them co-worker 1 and 2, hehe) the whole way, it was her longest run since she completed a half marathon 2 years ago. She did great and I have no doubt that she can finish another half in April, if she chooses to sign up. (I think Gazelle may have a few pictures from the run. I didn't take my phone since it was POURING!)

Other workouts:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: AM weights/PM Terwilliger Run with Gazelle (4.2 miles/45:00/10:42 avg)

Wednesday: PM Run with Wednesday run group (4.15 miles/45:37/10:59 avg)

Thursday: AM weights/AM Spin Class/Pm Zumba with Jen

Friday: AM Swim (2300 yds/59 min) with co-worker 1
Saturday: Ride with Mr. Pi! (22.5 miles/1:40/13.5 avg)/swim (2000 yds/48 min)
Sunday: Long Run with the crew (8 miles/1:30/11:25 avg)